Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The little brown dog.

Lucky, otherwise known as our little brown dog. 14 years old now. Insulin dependent diabetic for the last 15 months. Partially blind and nearly totally deaf. Still the love of our lives. Bounds around and never ceases to amaze us.

We adopted this boy 12 years ago. He was an abandoned dog and the vet said he was about two years of age when we got him. He is the most fabulous boy. Hardly barks, very well behaved, loves people and other dogs. Always wags his tail and has a very happy disposition even with the blindness and deafness.  Has two injections daily and they don’t seem to worry him greatly thank goodness.

Had some trouble trying to do my last post Wishing for rain. Only managed to get the photo of my Cafe au Lait Dahlia on. Was doing it on my iPhone, not sure if that was the problem or not. This is being done on the iPad and seems to be working ok.

As for the wishing for rain, there is no rain. The odd showers here and there, but that’s it. So very dry here in my part of North Central Victoria. The warm weather just doesn’t want to take a hike yet.

That’s all for this post. Take care.


  1. hello again...what a cute little dog! love your dahlia, beautiful colour. Hope you get some rain, we have had a bit over the weekend which was lovely!

  2. Thank you Julz. Hopefully we will get some decent rain at some stage. Have had a few showers a week or so back, but that was it. Oh well, what can we do?

  3. Hello Liz......discovered you on my old blog. Thought you gave up writing a long time ago so it's good to see you back
    Lucky sure was a lucky dog when you adopted home. He's certainly found a good home at your place.
    Want some rain.....we've had plenty down here in Melbourne this past week. Cold as well. Good thing after the long hot dry summer we had
    Hope to see you soon
    Link to new blog

    1. Hi there Cathy. How wonderful to hear from you. Yes, I did stop writing the blog some time ago, had to much happening and too many health issues etc to commit to keep writing it. Our little dog has brought so much happiness into our lives. He is getting on now, but still has a great joy for life despite his diabetes. We are off on holidays in a few days and will be taking him on the road with us once again. He has just about travelled most of Australia with us in our campervan now, but I think this might be his last big trip. We have had some good rain over the last week. It was getting beyond a joke here. Wonderful to catch up with you again. Take care. 😊❤