Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still here and doing ok.

G'day. It's been some time since I have written a post and also since I have checked any of the great blogs that I follow. I have been very remiss.

This photo is of myself and my beautiful daughter, take some weeks ago. I am still undergoing chemo and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 I did spend 6 days in the local hospital here in my country town with a bad case of pneumonia. I had a very high temperature (quite serious they told me) and a lung infection. My hospital was really good and managed to get all the antibiotics that I needed sent up by courier. This made things so much easier for hubby and myself. I did have a serious setback one day and it looked like an ambulance trip to the big city hospital where I have all my treatments, but it settled down before the ambulance was called.

My workmates have been just wonderful. One of them made me a gorgeous patchwork bag and it was filled with goodies and all the staff signed the inside of it with waterproof pen. I will show photo's at a later date. The small quilting club that I sometimes ( I use that word loosely) attend of a Wednesday night all got together and did a block each of a quilt for me. That too will be a photo for another time.

It's an ongoing battle, but I am still of the opinion of "Suck it up Princess"

Sadly I haven't done any sewing or used my beautiful embroidery machine for some time. I just don't feel like it at this stage. I have been trying to continue with my working career on my good days, but on the bad ones, I sit in my lovely red leather recliner, usually with our gorgeous little dog on my lap, watching DVD"s or reading. I do make sure the house work is done first and hubby has been just the best. I don't know how I would have got this far without him. Friends have made us some of the most tastiest soup and casseroles. A good friend got up early this morning and made us two large containers of pea and ham soup and also a delicious chow mien. This was all done before her and her hubby had to catch a train to Melbourne then a bus to the airport and a flight to Brisbane. She was on my doorstep at 9.30 am. How lucky are we to have friends like this?

Take care.