Sunday, April 29, 2012

Isn't she lovely ?

G'day. Over Easter while hubby and I were in South Australia at a car club get together, we had the chance to visit a farmers market that was being held in a nearby town to where we were staying and in the local hall there was a "display" from a nearby wildlife centre. This beautiful kangaroo was part of their menagerie that they had bought with them. I don't think that I asked the name of this lovely lass, which was very remiss of me.

They had been looking after this animal for quite some time and I was told that she will never be released back into the wild as she wouldn't be able to fend for herself now. She has been hand reared from when she was a young joey. Her mother had been killed after being hit by a car and luckily for this little one, she had been found in her mothers pouch. She is what is known as a Red Kangaroo, despite her being gray in color. Female Red's are typically a grey/blue color and can weigh anywhere up to 40kg when full grown.

Many years ago I had some friends that had saved a young Kangaroo after it's mothers had died and that one was a Eastern Grey and he was a big boy. He would balance himself on his massive tail and his height was impressive. Hubby was away working at the time and I was invited to their home for tea one night and the kangaroo was allowed the run of the house and the land they were on, needless to say I was madly in love with him as he was very tame and well mannered, but I was also aware that he was a massive animal and those claws are very sharp and that huge tail can give a mighty thump to you when he was just hopping around. Sadly, after having him for a lot of years, they had to give him to a wildlife park because of a forced house move and they wouldn't have the land he needed to wander around on. I know it broke their hearts to part with him. They are an amazing and beautiful animal. Take care. Liz...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm sure there is a spot in the garden for him!!

G'day. We passed this statue of a giant Koala on our recent travels to South Australia over the Easter break.

 Silly me can't remember the name of the town where he lives, but he is a beauty. What a shame he wouldn't fit in the car and I guess his owners may have objected as well. I took this shot as we were zooming past at high speed and it didn't turn out too bad.
This is the beautiful old car we took with us. It's a 1954 MK1 Zephyr convertible. Hubby of course is being mischievous as I took this picture and was sticking his tongue out. I told him the wind will change and he will stay like that, but it didn't faze him. We had a great time on our short but exciting holiday. I was good and didn't eat too many Easter eggs, but an all you can eat breakfast one morning at a local hotel didn't do me any favours. Of course, no one twisted my arm and made me eat, but the smell of freshly cooked bacon was just too much to ignore. In saying that my weight loss is still going well and I firmly believe that you have to enjoy yourself every now and then and believe me, that's just what I did. Take care. Liz...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Easter

G'day. I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter. I for one intend to treat myself to a yummy chocolate Easter egg and I hope you all enjoy one as well.

I must mention that in my last post I was talking about the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and I put that the anniversary was on the day of that post. I meant to put that this was the month of said anniversary. Hubby was telling me to hurry up as we were going out to see a military display at a town near us and I didn't preview the post as I normally would have.

There will be more photos of our trip to Tasmania as well as this up coming trip to South Australia, that I will be posting when we return.

Happy Easter. Take care. Liz...