Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm sure there is a spot in the garden for him!!

G'day. We passed this statue of a giant Koala on our recent travels to South Australia over the Easter break.

 Silly me can't remember the name of the town where he lives, but he is a beauty. What a shame he wouldn't fit in the car and I guess his owners may have objected as well. I took this shot as we were zooming past at high speed and it didn't turn out too bad.
This is the beautiful old car we took with us. It's a 1954 MK1 Zephyr convertible. Hubby of course is being mischievous as I took this picture and was sticking his tongue out. I told him the wind will change and he will stay like that, but it didn't faze him. We had a great time on our short but exciting holiday. I was good and didn't eat too many Easter eggs, but an all you can eat breakfast one morning at a local hotel didn't do me any favours. Of course, no one twisted my arm and made me eat, but the smell of freshly cooked bacon was just too much to ignore. In saying that my weight loss is still going well and I firmly believe that you have to enjoy yourself every now and then and believe me, that's just what I did. Take care. Liz...


  1. Hello Liz
    Dadswell Bridge is the name you arelooking for - and I hope you weren't zooming through there too quickly. Got a surprise in the mail one year after I zooned through there a bit too quickly lol
    Glad to see you back and hope to hear more about your week away - we will be there all next week. Dh marches with some airforce mates there on Anzac Day so we drive over and spend a day or two there before the march and a day or two afterwards. They are having good temps this week - whats the betting it changes by the weekend and we have to drive over in the rain. Oh well it won't be the first time
    Take care

    Having to comment uder the old Blogger blog - wont accept my new wordpress one

  2. I didn't know there was a giant koala. Your trip looks great. Nice car!

  3. Glad you had a good time! We had a Zephyr Zodiac at one time, it would be worth a fortune now!

  4. What a great 'bear' -- and the car -- I just love it. What fun you must have had! Ahh, yes the smell of bacon! One really has to be hard-hearted to resist; but I agree it's good to give in once in a while... And congratulations on continuing to lose weight!

  5. You make me feel so less guilty Liz. I succumbed to the best blueberry scone I've ever had, last night. It's practically impossible to get a decent scone here...they're usually hideous like little rock cakes...but this one was...aaaahhhhh yum. Not as good as just cooked bacon...but a close second. Smiles - Astrid

  6. fantastic picture!i can't believe took this picture in inside the car.bear in the picture like so dangerous.the old car looks so fantastic it's look so amazing..

    Aussie Barn