Sunday, May 25, 2014

A nice start to the day.

G'day. A friend from work was telling me about the fruit smoothies she has been having for her breakfast and as I find it hard to have a good breakfast because of the early hour I get up, I decided to give these a go.  I have added rolled oats to mine. Just the plain old rolled oats, not the ones with fruit added, though I suppose it wouldn't make much difference. This one that I had this morning has a banana as well as some mixed berries, oats, some low fat yogurt, a cup of skinny ( low fat ) milk and a small amount of honey. This is a delicious and healthy start to the day. 

If it's a work day,  I have my breakfast at about 5.00am.  So I need something that is filling. This does the trick. I was surprised at how long I went today without feeling hungry. I have already made up the one for tomorrow morning. It is in the fridge waiting for me to enjoy. I didn't think hubby would appreciate hearing the sound of my stick mixer whirring away at that early hour. Plus I don't have time for fiddling around. 

Second photo is of the raggy bathmat I made last week. I have been meaning to make one for some time, but have been lazy and kept putting it off. Well, last Wednesday when I got home from work I started cutting out the squares and had the whole thing finished in 2 hours. It is only 4 rows long and was quick and simple to do. I just cut up an old towel for the backing. Must admit it looks good in my shabby chic bathroom and it will look even better when it's been washed a few times and frayed some more.  Even hubby liked it. 

All is well in my little corner of the world. Still go to the hospital on a regular basis. But other than that, all is just peachy. 

Take care.