Friday, December 27, 2013

Playing with my new toy.

G'day. Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that it was a safe and happy one for you. I worked ( oh well, someone has to keep the world turning! !) But, I finished at 2.00 pm, then came home and hubby and I and our beautiful dog "Lucky" made the 2 hour drive to my son's home for Christmas tea. Needless to say I ate too much, because I had already had a small Christmas lunch at work, but what the heck, it was Christmas Day.

While I was at work hubby had the job of baking the ham. A baked ham is obligatory for me. It has always been something that I have done for Christmas. I try different glazes each year. This year it was a honey and clove glaze. Very yum I might add, though hubby, bless his heart, did toddle out to the garage for a wee bit and to his horror when he came in to check the ham, it had burnt. When I came home from work, he was very apologetic, saying that he had one task only and he stuffed it up. He needn't have worried, it was still delicious and enjoyed by all who were at my son's.

My Christmas present is a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I am using it to type this post. Trouble is I can't upload a photo onto this page. It says it is uploading, but nothing happens. I think I will have to contact the support people. Other than that, I just love it. What fun I am having with it. Hubby just wanted some new overalls for work, so that is what he got. My daughter bought me a subscription to a Patchwork and Quilting magazine. My son gave me two beautiful French cushions.

Yes, we had a great Christmas Day, but for hubby and I it was somewhat sad. Two days prior a good friend from our car club died of a massive heart attack. He was just 56 years old. He leaves a wife and family. They were very much in our thoughts. I also rang a friend on Christmas morning to wish her a good day and she burst into tears during my well wishes. She told me that her neighbor directly across the road from her, committed suicide Christmas Eve. She had been good friends with him for many years. He was in his 70's and was terminally ill with cancer. He was divorced with grown children.

My New Year will start with getting this somewhat naughty gallbladder out. I am just waiting to hear from the hospital as to a date. Other than that, I hope there will be nothing but good news to report.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. I do hope it is a safe and happy one.

Take care.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bring on 2014. It's got to be better, doesn't it?

G'day. I don't feel very much in the Christmas spirit at the moment and if it hasn't hit me by now, then I think it's fair to say that it won't before the big day !!! 

I have put out a few decorations. I am not that mean. This Santa is one that I made many, many moons ago, when I was doing ceramics. He's a little over 2 foot high and he always brings a smile to my face when I see him.

Now, I really must show you the beautiful shabby chic cupboard that was given to me recently. A friend bought this for herself, got it home, didn't like it and promptly turned up my doorstep with it. When she realised that she didn't have anywhere for it, her first thought was "Liz will love this" So around she came bearing this lovely gift. Despite the very best effort on my part, she wouldn't accept any money for it and I am sure it wasn't cheap. I, of course just adore it.

Christmas will be a quiet affair for us this year. I am working Christmas Day and then after I finish we will be going to my son's home for tea. I have missed a bit of time off work again recently. I had a severe gallbladder attack last Monday. I was so bad that they thought they might have to send me to Melbourne by ambulance, to one of the bigger hospitals to operate. Luckily, that didn't happen. After a decent dose of morphine, things settled down. The ultrasound showed I have an enlarged and infected gallbladder that will need to come out at some stage soon. I see the surgeon again this Wednesday. When I saw him last week, he was reluctant to do anything just yet, mainly because of all the cancer treatment I have had and am still having. But, my guess is he will want to take it out early in the New Year. 

My cancer treatments continue every three weeks. This will go through till April/May next year. Other than that all is just peachy here.

Our summer seems to be upon us. In my part of this beautiful country, we are expecting 40 degrees this coming Thursday. I am hoping that Christmas Day won't be a scorcher.

In case I don't post between now and the big day. I would like to wish everyone 
 a very Merry Christmas and may 2014 be a safe and happy one for you all. 

Take care.