Friday, December 30, 2011

My red front door.

G'day. I came home from work last Wednesday to find hubby had painted the front door "Indian Red". Now, I have long said that I intend to get a stained glass front door at some stage, but, have not been able to find one that I like. So, until that happens, hubby got tired of looking at a plain wooden door.

Surprisingly it's not a bad color. It has kind of grown on me (bad luck if it didn't !!!). I did say to hubby that maybe the recessed areas of the door would look nice painted cream, but I don't think hubby was impressed with my suggestion. I got "The Look",  so to speak. Now, the other side of the door is pretty spiffy as well, this is a glorious white and really does look great. It has made a huge difference to the front door area. Hubby has, as usual done a very good job.

Well, it's New Years day here tomorrow and I have to work. Oh well, some people have to keep the country running I suppose !!!

Our street here, has a "street party" every New Years eve. This is held at one of the neighbours homes and we have been invited. It will be a chance for us to get to know a few more people and of course, for them to meet us. It won't be a late night for me, because of working tomorrow, but, hubby may stay and see the New Year in.

 I am not big on making New Years resolutions as I don't tend to keep them, but, my goal this coming year is to keep losing weight and  to enjoy everyday to the best of my abilities and to nurture my family and friends in every way possible. My son and I went to Europe last year for three weeks and we had an absolute ball, so much so, that we plan to do it again, though this time we will just go to France. I have tried to talk my daughter into coming as well, but Europe doesn't hold much interest for her. This next trip will be early 2013, so plans for that will be exciting and something to look forward to.

 I also look forward to reading more of the wonderful blogs that I follow. You are a great bunch. I wish I could meet you all. I greatly appreciate your comments and the time taken to write them. To you, my friends. Happy New Year... Take care. Liz...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

G'day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

It has been a year of good things for hubby and I, but, I realise that for some of my followers, it has been a year that has had a lot of sadness in it, for one reason or another. I have wished many a time that I had a magic wand, but sadly I don't. I do hope that the New Year brings a new beginning and that there will be much laughter throughout this coming year.

I would also like to thank everyone who has followed my blog. I do appreciate it. A big thank you to Michelle Ridgway from Rag Tag Stitching who sent me "Walter" the gorgeous snowman who hangs proudly on my grandmothers treadle sewing machine, in my lounge room, alongside some of the Christmas dolls that I have made. Michelle also sent me some lovely Christmas themed patterns. I will have these made ready for next year.

It looks like it will be a hot Christmas day here, the mid to high 30's are expected in my part of Australia. The family are coming here to our lovely new home and we will have a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. The house is decorated, the lights are up and twinkling and have been announcing our presence to our new neighbouhood of a night time. It is my very favourite time of the year.

I wish you all glad tidings. Have a great day. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Take care. Liz...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, you poor cow!!!

G'day. I cam home from my Weight Watchers meeting last night (more about that later) to find my beautiful cow with a wreath around her neck.

I was given this large sitting cow as a present some years ago and she really is quite lovely. Hubby obviously thought her neck made a good place to hang a wreath that I had been debating where to put.

Having moved to a much smaller home some months ago, it hasn't been easy to find places for a lot of things and this bovine beauty has been shuffled around. She now sits in the corner near the front door and this is where she will stay. The wreath too, needed to find it's place this Christmas. I have had it for a very long time and it's rather tattered now, but I can't bear to part with it.It has been sitting on the coffee table for the last week and while I was away last night, hubby decided he was sick of seeing it there and took matters into his own hands. In fact, it doesn't look too bad on the old girls neck.

Getting back to WW. I can now proudly say that I have lost 8 kilo in 10 weeks.The walking is going well. Little brown dog and I hit the pavements at 6.30am and clocked up nearly 45 minutes. Needless to say we were both ready for a drink and a rest when we got home. I would normally be working today, but was asked if I would swap a shift at the nursing home where I work, so my working week now starts tomorrow. Depending on the weather and how I feel after work, it may be around and around the backyard for a half hour or so over the next few days. I have discovered that it doesn't matter where I walk, as long as I walk and as silly as it sounds walking around the clothesline and the backyard, it is still moving these feet that counts. I have also discovered Weight Watchers Chocolate Belgian Eclairs. I can highly recommend them. They really are yummy and only 2 Pro Points per serve. There are six in a box and although not cheap, they are a treat that is nice for a change. Trouble is that I have only ever bought one box that had the chocolate still intact on the top of the eclair, like the picture shows. Most times the chocolate has melted and run off into the plastic inserts that the eclairs sit in. They are in the frozen section at the supermarket and I have bought them, raced out to the car, straight home and still the chocolate isn't where it is meant to be. I have come to the conclusion that it is like this well before I buy them. But regardless, they are tasty. Even if you are not on a diet, they are worth giving a try. Take care. Liz...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looks comfortable, doesn't he?

G'day. Let me introduce you to my big Aussie Santa. I started my Christmas decorating last week and this jolly fellow was the first to find his position and he doesn't look in any hurry to relinquish his post on one of the lounge chairs. I made this Santa many moons ago and even though there was room for improvement, he is still one of my favourites.

He is about four foot tall and he wears a pair of overalls made from red fleecy fabric and has a lovely green check shirt underneath.He usually sits at the dining room table, but this year because we are having Xmas lunch here in our new home, there is sadly no room for him, so he has found the next best position. Our little brown dog doesn't quite to know what to make of him and he actually growled at him when he first saw him on the chair. It was very funny to see the expression on little brown dogs face.

This chair happens to be the one that hubby favours when he is reading, because it gets the light from both large windows and he said to me the other day "I hope he's  not going to stay there, where will I sit?" I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I said, "He's only a stuffed doll, move him" Poor Santa ended up being tossed on the floor in an ungainly manner. When hubby saw the look on my face his said "He's only a stuffed doll, he'll survive" But, Santa is back in his rightful spot, for the moment anyway. Take care. Liz...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cherry wreath cake.

G'day. I made this cherry wreath cake this afternoon. It's really only a sample one. if it tastes any good, I will make one for Christmas day.

It looks delicious and I am tempted to have a slice, but am being good, though only till hubby gets home from a plumbing job for a mate that he is doing today.

There are stoneless cherries on the bottom, these were put in first and then the cake batter spooned over the top. The icing is not as runny as it should be, it is meant to be a lot thinner so that it runs and resembles custard and some of the cherries on the top kept sliding off and trying to make their escape and then I couldn't find the sieve to dust the icing sugar on with and ended up using the only thing I could lay my hands on,which was the smallest mesh tea leaf holder. It did the job surprisingly well and I didn't end up making a mess as I would have done if I could have found the sieve. All in all I am pretty pleased with what it looks like. Wish hubby would hurry up and get home!!!! Take care. Liz...