Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love these pants.

G'day. We have a great clothing shop here in town called Accessories. It sells women's clothes, shoes, boots, bags and jewellery etc. None of it is cheap, I might add. But, the few things I have bought from there over the years, have been very well made. I went in there yesterday looking for a pair of dressy black pants. Got the black pants ok and also came out with these as well. That sales lady sure knows her business.

Once upon a time, I wouldn't even look at pants like this. Though I would have admired them on somebody else no doubt. I just happened to comment on the great colours as the sales lady was putting them back in the rack. As quick as a flash she said "try them on". Oh no, said I, they are not something I could get away with wearing. "Just try them on".  The rest they say is history. They are just fabulous and so comfortable. They look fantastic with my little fitted black jacket and also with a soft black roll neck jumper I have.  Even a lady that was in the shop browsing commented on how good they looked. So of course they came home with me. 

I was up early this morning as I have a 70th birthday lunch to go to today. Hubby has been away for the weekend on a car rally and won't be home till late this afternoon. I decided to make him some chocolate muffins to take to work through the week. These are gluten free and wheat free and are just yummy. Of course I had to try one and was tempted to have another, but was good and resisted. 

It's probably not a good day for me to be going out. I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow and have been up three times through the night, not to mention all the trips to the toilet this morning, due to the tablets I had to take before going to bed. The birthday lunch is a good 50 minutes from me,with no toilets in between. My breakfast by the way was mashed pumpkin, now that's different, isn't it. I am restricted to what I can eat. No cereal, no brown bread etc, etc. I will be having a light lunch with salad, then no more solid food. Lots of jelly and clear drinks for the rest of the day along with the 4 litres of special drink that I have sitting in the fridge. Oh well, I am sure it could be worse. 

I still go to hospital every 3 weeks for the cancer treatment. I have had a mammogram, but haven't been given the all clear. Though I am not worried about that. We will keep on keeping on. 

Have had some fantastic rain overnight, along with a thunderstorm. It is pouring down now as I type this. Saves me watering the garden. 

Take care.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another birthday come and gone.

G'day. I turned 62 last Tuesday and I wish someone would please tell me where the years have gone and why are they hurtling by so darn fast. Another few weeks and it will be Easter, then before we know it a half a year will be here, then we will be thinking about Christmas again. What's going on? That's what I want to know. Is it because we are getting older. That's one theory I keep hearing about, or our hectic lifestyle. I'm putting the brakes on, but it's not making the slightest difference.!! 

Anyway, I did have a good birthday, even though I was at work. The staff at the nursing home where I work ( and the way the time is going, will probably be in one day) gave me a lovely morning tea complete with a yummy sponge cake. Hubby took me out for tea that night, another yummy meal. Went to my daughters on Friday and we stayed the night and on Saturday, daughter and her fiancĂ© put on a lavish BBQ lunch. Daughter made the most delicious cheesecake and baked home made bread. More yum. 

Son and his partner arrived with my present which is so big we couldn't fit it in the car, simply because on the way to my daughters we picked up 2 white cane chairs I had bought on eBay, plus we also had loaded in the car, a gorgeous little coffee table, another eBay purchase that was close to where my daughter lives, so she kindly picked that up for me. My son and partner bought me a gnome, but not just any gnome. This lovely fella stands about 4' tall. I will have him home here next week and will post a picture of him. I don't know where he will go, but I will find somewhere special in the garden. My daughter bought me two beautiful lime green and pink cushions for my cane chairs. Hubby bought me a gorgeous ring. I did indeed have a most fabulous birthday. 

I took these photo's at around 7.30am yesterday morning at my daughters place, they have just had part of the outdoor area covered in and it looks amazing. I love this pool. As much as I dislike the hot weather, I always hope for a warm day when I visit my daughter so I can go for a swim. Unfortunately this weekend the weather was not ideal for swimming, it was a bit on the cool side. I did dip my foot in and decided against being brave and putting my whole self in. 

Take care.

Monday, March 3, 2014

This is what happens when a kangaroo runs into your car.

G'day. At 6.30am yesterday morning, hubby was on his way to the farm where he does a bit of work, when a large kangaroo came hurtling up an embankment straight into hubby's car. The damage is very extensive. This photo only shows a bit of it. The bonnet is smashed in, the front left hand light set was totally destroyed. The windscreen is cracked where the poor roos'  head hit it. The whole side of the car is damaged from front to back. The side mirror was wiped clean off. Hubby only bought this vehicle a few months ago. It was a cheap used ute that was for sale in the street behind us. Hubby wanted it for work, so his good car wasn't getting wrecked. He has spent considerable time and money doing it up and it looked fabulous. We had been out for lunch on the Sunday and took this vehicle and we both said how good it was going. 

It is now classed as a write off. But, intrepid hubby doesn't give up that easily. It was insured, so that is good. But, hubby likes this vehicle and reckons he will get it back on the road. He, of course, will do all the work himself.

I should tell you that hubby wasn't hurt, just very badly shaken up. In all our years of owning a property and living in the country, neither of us have had a serious encounter with a roo. I came close some years ago, but was lucky that the animal veered off slightly at the last minute and I just felt it's massive tail hit my car. It put a decent dent in my little Toyota. Other than that, we have been very lucky.  When I questioned him about the roo, he said by the time he managed to get off the road where he wouldn't cause a problem for other traffic, the roo was no where to be seen. It would have been badly injured. It would be a miracle for it to survive. Hubby said he looked around for some time trying to see if it had collapsed in the bush nearby, but it wasn't there. I don't know what he would have done if he found it and it was still alive. A roo at the best of times is not to be trifled with, unless it's a tame one in an animal park. 

Oh well, it looks like hubby will have another project to keep him busy for some time !! 

Take care.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

On a roll..

G'day. Well, I have been sewing up a storm the last week or so. Of course it will all come to a grinding halt now.  I go back to work tomorrow. I have had three weeks off, since having the gallbladder removed and I must admit I really like being home. It's times like this that I seriously think about retiring. 

This bag is my latest project. Hubby and I have a wedding to attend next Saturday. Dress is formal. I decided to make myself this sweet little bag, which I just may take with me.  I have also decorated it with a handmade fabric flower on the right hand side. It hasn't shown up too good in the picture unfortunately.

My outfit is black slimline pants, just above the ankle,  gorgeous soft grey and white scooped necked long flouncy tunic with a lovely little black shrug. Shoes are strappy black satin with diamontees on the front. I will also wear my grandmothers' pearl necklace. The bag is mainly black and grey with a little splash of red here and there. Should look good hopefully. Maybe some "hit you in the face " red lippy to tie it all together!! 

Take care.