Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love these pants.

G'day. We have a great clothing shop here in town called Accessories. It sells women's clothes, shoes, boots, bags and jewellery etc. None of it is cheap, I might add. But, the few things I have bought from there over the years, have been very well made. I went in there yesterday looking for a pair of dressy black pants. Got the black pants ok and also came out with these as well. That sales lady sure knows her business.

Once upon a time, I wouldn't even look at pants like this. Though I would have admired them on somebody else no doubt. I just happened to comment on the great colours as the sales lady was putting them back in the rack. As quick as a flash she said "try them on". Oh no, said I, they are not something I could get away with wearing. "Just try them on".  The rest they say is history. They are just fabulous and so comfortable. They look fantastic with my little fitted black jacket and also with a soft black roll neck jumper I have.  Even a lady that was in the shop browsing commented on how good they looked. So of course they came home with me. 

I was up early this morning as I have a 70th birthday lunch to go to today. Hubby has been away for the weekend on a car rally and won't be home till late this afternoon. I decided to make him some chocolate muffins to take to work through the week. These are gluten free and wheat free and are just yummy. Of course I had to try one and was tempted to have another, but was good and resisted. 

It's probably not a good day for me to be going out. I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow and have been up three times through the night, not to mention all the trips to the toilet this morning, due to the tablets I had to take before going to bed. The birthday lunch is a good 50 minutes from me,with no toilets in between. My breakfast by the way was mashed pumpkin, now that's different, isn't it. I am restricted to what I can eat. No cereal, no brown bread etc, etc. I will be having a light lunch with salad, then no more solid food. Lots of jelly and clear drinks for the rest of the day along with the 4 litres of special drink that I have sitting in the fridge. Oh well, I am sure it could be worse. 

I still go to hospital every 3 weeks for the cancer treatment. I have had a mammogram, but haven't been given the all clear. Though I am not worried about that. We will keep on keeping on. 

Have had some fantastic rain overnight, along with a thunderstorm. It is pouring down now as I type this. Saves me watering the garden. 

Take care.


  1. Snazzy pants! You have the very best attitude, Liz!

  2. Gorgeous fabric. I bet you look very chic in the pants.

  3. Very nice!!
    Flats or heels?

  4. The pants look so soft. I love that style.

  5. You know that clothes will keep tempting us forever! I have given up on all skirts and dresses for the last decade or so; now, comfortable pants and smart tops/jackets are all I wear. I don't wear heels either. And I don't miss any of it.