Monday, March 3, 2014

This is what happens when a kangaroo runs into your car.

G'day. At 6.30am yesterday morning, hubby was on his way to the farm where he does a bit of work, when a large kangaroo came hurtling up an embankment straight into hubby's car. The damage is very extensive. This photo only shows a bit of it. The bonnet is smashed in, the front left hand light set was totally destroyed. The windscreen is cracked where the poor roos'  head hit it. The whole side of the car is damaged from front to back. The side mirror was wiped clean off. Hubby only bought this vehicle a few months ago. It was a cheap used ute that was for sale in the street behind us. Hubby wanted it for work, so his good car wasn't getting wrecked. He has spent considerable time and money doing it up and it looked fabulous. We had been out for lunch on the Sunday and took this vehicle and we both said how good it was going. 

It is now classed as a write off. But, intrepid hubby doesn't give up that easily. It was insured, so that is good. But, hubby likes this vehicle and reckons he will get it back on the road. He, of course, will do all the work himself.

I should tell you that hubby wasn't hurt, just very badly shaken up. In all our years of owning a property and living in the country, neither of us have had a serious encounter with a roo. I came close some years ago, but was lucky that the animal veered off slightly at the last minute and I just felt it's massive tail hit my car. It put a decent dent in my little Toyota. Other than that, we have been very lucky.  When I questioned him about the roo, he said by the time he managed to get off the road where he wouldn't cause a problem for other traffic, the roo was no where to be seen. It would have been badly injured. It would be a miracle for it to survive. Hubby said he looked around for some time trying to see if it had collapsed in the bush nearby, but it wasn't there. I don't know what he would have done if he found it and it was still alive. A roo at the best of times is not to be trifled with, unless it's a tame one in an animal park. 

Oh well, it looks like hubby will have another project to keep him busy for some time !! 

Take care.


  1. Good Grief! So glad your hubby was OK.

    Here in France there is a fund that kicks in when a wild animal hits your car (usually deer or wild boar) and the fund pays your insurers so they don't up your premium! Hope you have something like that there too!


  2. Helllo Liz - so glad your man is ok - hopefully he's not just saying that as we don't want you to miss the wedding this weekend.
    I/We've only had one encounter with a roo - last time we were 'up north' and left a motel one morning a bit too early - you know that sun up time when we know they will be on the side of the road - too eager to be on our way and knowing we were taking a chance.
    Anyway it came out of nowhere and bounded along beside us on the passenger side which was scary in itself as we didn't know which way it would go. They are huge close up and look even huuger when you are trying to see them in the half light lol Anyway it decided to go across our path but at the back of the car - banged into the rear as it charged off who knows where.

    One of the boys had offered The Golfer the loan of his 'spare' llandcruiser so I was on tenterhooks till we could stop in proper daylight to have a look see - no real damage luckily - rear mudflap had to be replaced but no dents thank goodness. Could just see the look on his face if we'd had dings in it when we got home since he'd warned The Golfer off taking it really 'off road' - seems he'd never put it into 4wheel drive and certianly didn't want his father experimenting either lol
    Take care

  3. It is astonishing how much damage wild animals can do. We have a big problem in New England with wild deer. My parents were driving into town one evening and suddenly there were antlers all over the windscreen and a wounded deer attached to them. My father went and got the sheriff who lived a few yards away. He came and had to shoot the poor animal. Funny thing about men and cars -- mine gets sentimentally attached to certain ones and will go all out to fix them and get them back on the road...

  4. Oh my goodness! Great attitude you have about your husband being busy for a while, and I am glad he is O.K.

  5. Hi Liz,
    What a scary accident! So glad your husband is okay. We don't have roos-- I wish we did. There are deer around here and the stupid ones go right into the cars and get killed. In the fall the roads are littered with dead carcasses. 20 years ago it used to be really rare to see a deer, now they are everywhere. I hope you show us the pictures when hubby fixes the car-- it looks like a great old ride:)
    Have a great day,

  6. That was a close one! Though I like how your hubby thinks. Buying a second car isn't a bad idea, since now both of you can drive one. And if the other one fails, you won't have problems with transportation. Although, let's see if your husband can fix up this car on his own. He has experience on this, so I presume he'll be quite good at it. Dents are easy fixes, but other damages have to be replaced outright. Good luck!

    Martha Brady @ Indianapolis Dent Company