Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another birthday come and gone.

G'day. I turned 62 last Tuesday and I wish someone would please tell me where the years have gone and why are they hurtling by so darn fast. Another few weeks and it will be Easter, then before we know it a half a year will be here, then we will be thinking about Christmas again. What's going on? That's what I want to know. Is it because we are getting older. That's one theory I keep hearing about, or our hectic lifestyle. I'm putting the brakes on, but it's not making the slightest difference.!! 

Anyway, I did have a good birthday, even though I was at work. The staff at the nursing home where I work ( and the way the time is going, will probably be in one day) gave me a lovely morning tea complete with a yummy sponge cake. Hubby took me out for tea that night, another yummy meal. Went to my daughters on Friday and we stayed the night and on Saturday, daughter and her fiancĂ© put on a lavish BBQ lunch. Daughter made the most delicious cheesecake and baked home made bread. More yum. 

Son and his partner arrived with my present which is so big we couldn't fit it in the car, simply because on the way to my daughters we picked up 2 white cane chairs I had bought on eBay, plus we also had loaded in the car, a gorgeous little coffee table, another eBay purchase that was close to where my daughter lives, so she kindly picked that up for me. My son and partner bought me a gnome, but not just any gnome. This lovely fella stands about 4' tall. I will have him home here next week and will post a picture of him. I don't know where he will go, but I will find somewhere special in the garden. My daughter bought me two beautiful lime green and pink cushions for my cane chairs. Hubby bought me a gorgeous ring. I did indeed have a most fabulous birthday. 

I took these photo's at around 7.30am yesterday morning at my daughters place, they have just had part of the outdoor area covered in and it looks amazing. I love this pool. As much as I dislike the hot weather, I always hope for a warm day when I visit my daughter so I can go for a swim. Unfortunately this weekend the weather was not ideal for swimming, it was a bit on the cool side. I did dip my foot in and decided against being brave and putting my whole self in. 

Take care.


  1. You're a joyful girl! Happy birthday, dear!

  2. so sorry I missed this post Liz - a very belated happy birthday. People used to tell me not to worry about the years passing but it doesn't make any difference. They still seem to move at a faster rate and the 12 monthly anniversary seems to turn up more quickly than ever. Oh well can't do much about it can we lol
    Good to know you had a great day just the same

    ps how's the car?

  3. Happy Birthday! Just asking that question about time helps us to reflect on how and what is most important in our busy lives.