Monday, January 14, 2013

One more sleep.

G'day. Tomorrow my son and I leave for France. Hard to believe that it has at last come around. This trip has been planned for many, many months and we are one sleep away from this much awaited holiday.

The weather has been very hot in my part of North Central Victoria where we live and we will be going to very cold conditions, it will be interesting.

Fires throughout Australia have been extremely bad this summer so far. I can't remember ever hearing of so many bushfires happening at once. The temperatures here have reached into the middle 40's on numerous days. One day it reached 45, it was a scorcher, the north wind was fearsome. The loss of homes have been enormous and sadly there has now been one fatality. A fire fighter has lost his life fighting a fire in Tasmania. It's one of the terrible prices we pay for living in this beautiful sunburnt country.

I look forward to posting pictures on this blog of our adventures in Paris, when we return. Hubby is staying home to keep the house and garden in order. I know it is in good hands.

Take care.