Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Surgery X 2

G'day. Last Wednesday I had a partial mastectomy. All was well until 2 hours after the operation. Then, the breast decided it was going to rebel. I had a bleed and it looked like I had had an implant inserted. Surgeon was called and he said to put pressure bandages and keep ice packs on the breast to reduce the swelling. Didn't work. I was in hospital 4 days.

I came home last Sunday  with assurances the swelling would subside, but ha, it had other ideas and the swelling got worse. It looked like I had a basketball breast, not a pretty sight and to add to that, the breast was black with massive bruising. My post op check up was Tuesday just gone. I would also learn the results on this day. Surgeon took one look at the basketball, after removing the swathe of bandages and said that I would need to go back into surgery the next day. This basketball breast was not good. The fluid etc needed to be removed. So, yesterday, one week after the initial op, I was put under again and the fluid drained.

Let's go back to the initial op for a minute. It took 6 goes to try to get the cannula into a vein. Unfortunately I have very thin veins and they tend to collapse when they see a sharp pointy needle approaching. By this stage I was in a state myself and was on the verge of having a panic attack at the thought of more needles. Hooray for the surgeon, he was called and suggested that they would put the gas mask on, get me to sleep and then they would find a suitable vein. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Same thing yesterday. I told the young doctor about my iffy veins, but she just had to try, didn't she? After the second attempt, I was in a right royal fit and suggested they do what they had done the previous week. God bless that surgeon, he agreed again.

Anyway to cut a long story short (it will still be long) swelling is mostly gone, but not quite. Basketball has been reduced to a smaller version. I have a six inch incision under the breast and this is where they went in again yesterday. So as you can imagine I am not a happy camper. Also the report didn't come back as good as we had hoped. One good thing is the lymph nodes are clear, but in the surgeons words, the cancer was a very nasty type and they fear some of it may have broken away and travelled to who know's where. Chemotherapy is recommended. Tomorrow I travel back into the city of Melbourne, to the hospital and have a CT scan and a bone scan. Next Tuesday I have a heart test and also talk to the oncologist about the chemo etc. Hubby has been simply the best, son and daughter have been remarkable, friends and work colleagues make me realise how blessed I am to know them.  It's now time to get some rest. I will continue this saga next week, when I know more. Once again, thank you to everyone who has wished me well. I do appreciate it.
Take care. Liz...


  1. Oh, hell and sorry for your pain and misery. At least glad the basketball is gone.

    I am sending my best thoughts and prayers to you.

    Love, Lo

  2. Oh Liz you poor darling. What an ordeal you have had. I hope and pray that your recovery is speedy and complete.
    Sending you healing and big hugs.
    Michelle xxx

  3. Oh Liz

    I'm so sorry you have had such a bad time. At least the tumour in the breast has been removed. Good news that the lymph nodes are clear. I had an MRI scan to check for cancer cells elsewhere - have they done that with you? Perhaps the CT scan replaces that?

    Anyway, I wish you all the best - we're a tough lot, us women...



  4. Praying and praying, dear Liz.
    You sound peaceful and positive.

  5. Good to hear from you Liz. Standing by with prayers.

  6. Oh, Liz. I want to cry for you, but what good would that do! You are such a trooper, I really commend you. Good luck with the next phase, and please keep all your followers in the loop. (I, too, have those type of veins. I'm called a "tough stick", here in the States.)

  7. Hello Liz
    What a bummer - not what you need at all is it.
    You sound so strong and 'in charge' so please stay that way - and then remember its quite alright to let go now and again.
    Next week is going to be a busy one and the hot weather isn't going to make it any better either, so keep the fluids up and take b... good care of yourself

  8. so sorry to hear of your terrible experience! You are so strong I'm sure this will all be a bad memory fast fading soon. I used to faint when they pricked me to take blood. I will tell you, it gets much easier over time. After the 3rd pregnancy, I got used to it. Hopefully, it will get easier for you, too. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Liz. G'day,

  9. Thought I better pop by and see how you are. My goodness life sends some challenges. You sound very strong and positive and your support crew also sound fabulous. I wish you good results, strength and happiness for the days ahead. I know happiness is an odd choice of words but they say even fake laughing can help the body.
    Take care,

  10. Oh Liz, I'm late here wishing you a speedy recovery. This is quite traumatic for you and for the rest of the family. This too will pass; and this too will be part of the story you'll be telling when people think you only dealt with fluffy clouds all your life.
    Many blessings and best wishes.

  11. Coming back to tell you that I am praying for peace and a sweet confidence as you go through this ordeal. Holding you in prayer and believing. (BIG HUG)