Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good things, sad things.

G'day. I am going to start with the good things. I felt like having a bit of fun with the sewing machine and using some of the fabric that I seem to have accumulated over the years. I decided to make some new placements for my lovely shabby chic table. This table is the one I have been working on for some time, it is now finished. It was to be my outdoor table, but it is just too pretty to have out there, so it  and the six chairs are now in my dining area and the one from there has now gone outside waiting for me to shabby chic that at some stage. 

I wanted placemats that were quirky, pretty and not perfect. I cut the fabric all different sizes, some are longer than others, some are more mug mat size. None are perfect, only one is truly square. Some are puckered from the heavy free motion quilting, some don't lie really flat, but all of that is just fine by me. It was just a bit of fun and they do look good on the pink table top. I am one short, that might get made in the next day or so and I may even make some small mug mats to go with them. 

Now for the sad.  One of my best friends and her family lost their best friend last Friday.  Their much loved and adored dog had to be put to sleep. Albert was 13 years old and really was the light of their lives. I know how much hubby and I love our little dog, but rarely have I seen such devotion like Albert enjoyed. He couldn't have asked to be more loved or cared for during his life. I know they are inconsolable. Albert was such a huge part of their lives, he will be greatly missed. 

Take care.


  1. Your mats are so sweet, they would be a joy to look at on the table.

  2. Oh yes! I wish I had the patience and the talent to put together fabric that way...

  3. Darling mats! Sad for the friends who lost their dog friend. Very sad.

  4. Lovely place mats..the birds are very sweet. I feel for your friends having lost their furry family member xxx

  5. So sorry about your friends losing their free to rainbow bridge Albert xxx Love the placemats they are really cool x

  6. I love your mats! The birds are so cute and the way you made them is perfect! I love the cheerful colors:) I will be as sad when my Sandy dog goes, she is the best friend I have.