Sunday, November 27, 2011

So tired.

G'day. My little brown dog and I have just come back from a rather long walk. He promptly plonked himself down in a nice sunny spot to have a rest. I promptly plonked myself down to have a cuppa.

Did I mention that I joined Weight Watchers seven weeks ago? On the days that I don't work, little brown dog and I go for a walk early of a morning.Sometimes we are out the door at 6.30 am. On the days that I do work, I try to manage a walk when I get home, though this is sometimes hard and I really have to push myself. Once the weather warms up, it will be doubly hard.

 I heard once about a woman that lost a huge amount of weight just walking around her clothesline in the backyard, as well as watching what she ate of course. I tried this a few weeks ago. It was a hot day here and I had worked an eight hour shift and the thought of walking down the road and back in the heat was not very appealing, so I went round and round the backyard, up and down the steps that go from one area to another. To change the routine, I went clockwise for a while then anti clockwise for a change. Hubby came home part way through this bit of exercise and thought that I had totally fallen off my perch.I explained that there was method in my madness and that our backyard had a lot of shady areas in it and therefore I wouldn't be out in the hot sun so much. It sounded plausible to me at any rate. I am proud to say that I did this for a whole half an hour.

Anyway, the good news is that I have lost 6.4 kg. Not bad for someone who was told that because of my thyroid trouble that I would probably struggle to lose weight. The jeans that I bought early in the year and never wore because they were just a tad too tight, now fit nicely, though I will feel happier in them when a bit more fat has departed my legs.

The area where the little brown dog is laying will at some stage become a garden. It will be planted out in "pretty" plants and bushes.  I hope to have it looking really nice somewhere down the track. I am in the slow process of killing off the couch grass that persists in still trying to grow there. Take care. Liz...


  1. good on you Liz...and that's a great way to exercise if it's hot and you've got shade!
    Your garden is coming along nicely, that area will look lovely all planted out...poor brown dog will have to find a new place to rest

  2. Good for you! You are an inspiration! I'm looking forward to pictures of your garden ...

  3. Well done Liz. Your little walking companion is so cute.

  4. You're so great! Happy walking!

  5. Great weight loss so far! You were very good keeping up the walking by going round your yard. Not as much fun for little brown dog though. All the smells would be familiar. I look forward to seeing the new garden come about.

  6. Hi Liz,
    Just replying to your comment on my blog.
    The stitched up pockets don't have the look of bought ones but they do the job. Already I have used up some of the scrappy bits that I never would have found before.
    I have just traced a couple of tea cups for the table cloth and will start stitching today even though I have other things that need attention :)