Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our red beauty.

G'day. These are the two reclining chairs that are part of our beautiful new lounge room suite. Hubby and I seem to gravitate to these chairs rather than the couch. There is no photo of the couch just yet, because at the time of taking this photo, it had cushions and quilts thrown on it until I found places for them.

If you look behind the front door, you can just spot the vanity basin from the bathroom and an old pink towel that I had on the floor to protect the carpet from the tiler who was walking in and out. Of course, we had to have a few showers of rain while he needed to go backward and forwards and I am very pedantic about keeping the carpet clean.I have discovered that a lot of tradesmen don't bother to wipe their feet.

The front door will be replaced at some stage with a stained glass one. I have always wanted one and figure this is the time and place to get it. That is next on my hit list. Bathroom is totally finished at the time of writing this post. It looks great, has really made a difference to the room. It has brightened it up considerably. A new outside awning for the one lounge room window that hasn't got one, should be installed in another week or so. The walls in one bedroom  to paint cream, a front and back garden to plan, though this is already on the go in the back yard.That should be about it. Maybe then hubby and I can kick back and relax. Yeah right,I would like to see that ever happen!!! Take care. Liz...


  1. Ah, how fun to plan all these projects! Relaxing is over=rated, you know.

  2. Oh yes- loving the red! Loving all of it really!

  3. Love the chairs. And the room is so tidy... maybe you'd better not come to my house...

  4. Hi Liz, I follow quiltkitty and thought I would pop in to say hello. I love those chairs. Is that leather? I also noticed the chicken on the back of the chair. Funnily enough I hadn't thought of doing a fairly large piece for the back of a chair like that. Seems like you still have a bit of work to do around the place. Can't wait to see what you do with the gardens.