Saturday, October 29, 2011

New bathroom is taking shape.

G'day. The new tiles for the bathroom are on the go.The first picture shows the area where all the tiles have been pulled off and the next picture is of the new tiles on the shower recess.

Only one "small" problem. The lovely young guy who is doing the tiling forgot to put the soap holder on the tile in the shower. Hubby discovered it last night when he was having a look at what had been accomplished.

I have the dubious pleasure of telling the tiler this morning when he comes, in about an hour from now. The soap holder is sitting in it's box on the tub of adhesive in the shower !!!!

The new tiles do look lovely, it will make a huge difference to this room. Hubby spent all day last Thursday and Friday pulling the old tiles off and putting up new plasterboard in preparation for the tiler to start. Needless to say our bathroom has now been out of action for the last four day and luckily the tiler was prepared to work over the weekend. He is a local guy, so it's no hassle for him.

I suggested that the bath be removed as well. We don't use it, but hubby and the tiler explained it would create major hassles. I couldn't see the problem. Remove the bath, remove the plumbing fixtures and re tile the whole bathroom, floor as well. Sounded real good to me. After all hubby is a plumber by trade, what's the problem? Needless to say, the bath is staying. Though I did pitch a good argument.

Oh, by the way, our new long awaited red lounge suite has arrived. Yippee. More about that later. Tiler will be here before I know it, hubby has run off to do something and I have just washed my hair in the sink in the laundry, which might be easy if your hair is short, mine isn't, it's nearly waist length. I long for that shower to be ready. I'm not worried about the rest of the room. Take care. Liz...

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  1. Oh my, remodeling can be quite a headache! Yes, indeed, the tiles look great and the whole thing will be most appreciated when all done. Hope you share pictures at that time.