Monday, October 3, 2011

A surprise 60th ( I hope!!!)

G'day. This coming Saturday, hubby turns 60.I have been planning a surprise for him for some months now and so far it is all going to plan. I think...................

Friday night we are staying at a motel and on the Saturday morning I have booked hubby on a joy flight, though of course he knows nothing of this yet, well he knows we are going somewhere on Friday night, but he doesn't know where. The joy flight is on a WW1 Tiger Moth airplane from Point Cook, a fully operating military base about a two hour drive from where we live, though it is only 15 minutes from the motel we will be staying at. After the flight we head home, where hopefully there should be about 42 guests waiting to jump out and wish him "Happy Birthday". Hubby has the option on this flight to take the 'Ride of his life" meaning, loops, spins, you name it, this plane/pilot will do it. Maybe hubby won't be in the mood for a whiz, bang party after this adventure!!!, but he has the long drive home to get his act into gear. I don't think he has ever had a surprise party and I have threatened anyone who spills the beans, that I will get revenge. I will post more about this next week.

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my blog. I do appreciate it. Rosaria, you asked if I think about our former farm and what I miss. I can honestly say, we have been way to busy here to think a great deal about it, but, yes, there are times  I do think about the chooks, the garden and of course the beautiful cows and bulls. I don't miss having such a huge garden to worry about and the central heating here is divine. No more lugging wood around and the dust from the wood heater to worry about. The  new owners have called in many times and I always hear about the latest antics of the chooks and I try not to worry with what they tell me.The old girl was left outside for two nights to fend for herself, because she wouldn't go in her pen and the owners went away for a couple of days, so just left her. She was ok and there is nothing I can do, it is all out of my hands. The bird life has suffered also as they have two cats, once again, nothing I can do. I think of the many families of beautiful Fairy Wrens that were always bopping around and the lovely Grey Strike Thrush that came back every year with her mate to have their babies and how I used to worry about the babies when they fell out of their nest in the open bay of the machinery shed and the first year we were there, we picked them up, one by one and put them back in the nest and the mother bird stood by and watched us and hopped back in with them when we walked off and every year after that we kept an eye on them. Sadly we don't have such bird life here in town, but every now and then a few parrots will fly into the yard and I have seen a couple of Fairy Wrens once or twice, but that's it.

We have started a small garden  in the backyard and have planted a few bird attracting plants, in the hope of encouraging some of our feathered friends to come and visit . 

Last weekend we planted lavender bushes under the front bedroom windows, just to pretty it up. At some stage it will all look lovely. I bought a lot of pot plants with me and they have added color to some of the areas and it's all starting to come together.

The photo is of a ceramic watering can that I painted many moons ago when I was going through my ceramic phase.This "phase" lasted about 15 years, until a move (to the farm) put an end to it and then I went back to patchwork and quilting. I have  a great  love of pansies, they add color and brighten up any area. I have two very old wheelbarrows, that mainly have pansies growing in them and they look just spectacular.

Take care. Liz...


  1. Sounds like a great surprise. I sure hope your hubs doesn't read your blog.

  2. I just love love love the watering can! Fingers crossed for your birthday surprise and party. Tomorrow my husband turns 70 and this time I've not planned any surprises. But when he was 60 I, too planned a travelling surprise -- to the land of his forfathers -- the Isle of Skye in Scotland -- with lots of surprises thrown in! Have fun and God bless!

  3. What a brilliant idea! My husband always wanted a flight in a Spitfire, but it's not possible now.

  4. Hello Liz
    Hope the party went off ok - not damaged by too much rain? Poured here not sure what it was like down at Point Cook
    Take care