Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain, rain go away.

G'day. We have had so much rain here over the last couple of days, that this area of the yard is awash with water. This is along the back side of the house, the previous owners really let this get overgrown. The ornamental ginger that covered most of this area was dug out some time ago and the raised garden bed is in the process of being cleaned up and will at some stage look lovely and I think we will just lay gravel on the ground.

Hubby thinks that the agi drain that runs below the surface here is blocked and therefore is not letting the water run off. On his way to do a plumbing job this morning, he said "Don't let me forget to have a look here when I get home". Meaning he will dig a fair bit of this area up to find out the problem and because it backs against the house, it has to be fixed otherwise we could have problems. 

You can see on the left side, something black with a white cover, this is actually a worm farm that some girls from work gave me. Needless to say, I haven't even opened it yet and no ,there are no poor suffering, suffocating  worms in it. I keep meaning to get it started, I can buy the worms at the hardware store here in town and at some stage will have lovely worm wee to dilute and nourish the garden, but it will have to wait, there are other things to do.

This lovely daisy bush always puts on a great show. It is one of my favourites.I have some daffodils bulbs in with it as well and when they bloom, it really looks quite pretty. In my last post I added a link to my new blog, but have been told that the page cannot be opened, so I will try again    Maybe this one will work. Thanks to those who have let me know and as always thanks to everyone who responds to my blogs. I really do appreciate it. I am out of quarantine now, so a girlfriend and I are hitting the town and treating ourselves to lunch at a nice local restaurant and seeing that my friend is driving, maybe a small glass of wine might be in order. Oh dear, what a life.!!! Take care. Liz...


  1. So, did your husband fix the drainage problem? So nice of him to volunteer.
    You're experiencing spring right now, but your flowers look well developed and fully grown.
    Are you settled in?
    What do you miss about your old place?

  2. Oh I hope a very large glass of wine has been consumed- I've ahuge one next door that I must go and polish off firthwith! We have a worm farm as of today too- much smaller, however! Seven year old boy sized worm farm- though I figure he could undercut his grandpa's worms for fishing supplier nicely and set his mother up in the style to which she'd like to become accustomed...