Monday, September 19, 2011

Farewell old faithful.

G'day. Tomorrow my new car arrives, though I have just told you a lie, it's not a "NEW" car, but it's new to me. Last Saturday I bought a Toyota Echo 2005 model.

Since the move to our new home and no longer having to drive on the long dirt road to our farm, I decided it was time to get rid of my lovely dual cab ute, petrol guzzler that it is and splash out on something a bit more economical and smaller. Hence the new wheels that I will be driving soon.

I will miss the old girl. I have had her for a number of years , but she does have a big motor in her and therefore just loves to see me spending a fair amount of money at the petrol pumps every week. She will  still be here for a little while yet though, as I have decided to sell her privately and until a good home comes along I will continue to look after her, even though I may not drive her again, not on any long distances at any rate. I will be sad when the day comes to see her for the last time, she has been faithful, reliable and trustworthy in every regard. Has never broken down and left me stranded and has always started first go, even on the coldest frosty mornings.

Will my new car be as good? It's no where near as old as my ute and has no where near the kilometers on the clock that old faithful has. It has a digital dash and a few bells and whistles, that no doubt will keep me amused for some time. Hubby of course had to test drive my little zippy mobile, after all he is the car man in this family, so I bowed to his knowledge and he proclaimed it a good buy. He is a bit concerned that the you beaut display panel will grab my eye instead of me watching the road. !!!! Does he think I am silly, is that what he is implying??? I have only ever had one serious car accident and that was many moons ago when a truck pulled out in front of me and then he couldn't get across the road because of oncoming traffic and the car behind me couldn't stop in time and slammed into the back of my lovely little red Pulsar and destroyed both our cars. I had hold of the steering wheel so tight that with the impact (I saw it coming) that the seat runner snapped and I bent the steering wheel nearly in half as we both went backwards. My seat belt saved me, there is no doubt about that.  Enough of the drama. I am a good driver, though I am not too sure about the majority of people on the road these days.

I will enjoy my little zippy car and will post a picture soon. Take care. Liz...


  1. We looked at a newer vehicle when we moved to the city too. However I just couldn't go into debt buying one so we still have our van which at 300,000 kms on it. We find we are walking way more so a newer vehicle might not be in the future either. Enjoy yours!! Hugs

  2. This is definitely a car to be emotionally involved with! Did you ever camp out of the back of her? Looks like you could have! We're fascinated with big cars in this house. Especially ones congenial to being camped out of the back of!

  3. I hope your new car is everything you want it to be Liz and I think I would miss your old one too. It would have been a very handy vehicle to have. Hugs Vicki x

  4. Enjoy! Always nice to have a newer vehicle.