Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flowers to brighten my day


G'day. This old watering can and  kettle belonged to my late mother in law. I asked hubby to drill some drainage holes in them so that I could use them as planters and I think they are just so lovely.

I got a shock to find these Irises growing in the area of the garden that we haven't bothered about yet. I decided to start to clean it up as the previous owners had really let it get very untidy. This area is on the side of the house and runs the full length of it and at some stage we hope to have it looking very pretty. The irises are growing among some sort of violet, but I have pulled most of this out now as it was taking over everything.

We have had over two inches of rain here yesterday, in a storm front that brought massive lightening displays, thunder that rattled the house (and dog) The weather bureau warned of flash flooding, hail as big as golf balls and they were right , we got it all. This is our lovely spring weather here in Melbourne, Australia and it doesn't dissapoint.

Thanks to everyone who has left lovely comments in regard to my thyroid problems and my  new car.  I had a phone call yesterday from the lovely American doctor who I was luckily enough to get to meet a few weeks ago. She is out here for a year ( with her family )working and studying in the hospital where I have had my treatment. She rang to enquire how I felt after the radiation dose and she answered a few more questions that I have been thinking about and has set my mind at rest over a few issues. So at the moment all is just peachy in my world.

I have even started another blog.  Cotton Reel Corner  This one is all about my sewing, quilting, embroidery etc. I really haven't fiddled with Blogger much since starting my original one and still have to get the hang of how to get the pages right, how to get the pictures to go where I want them and the words. Oh well, I will keep trying. Take care. Liz...


  1. Those watering cans are so cute. I love flowers and yours are wonderful. Hugs

  2. I just tried your new won't open. I'll check it later.

  3. Hi Quilterliz- weren't those car ads at Gumbo Lily's just hilarious?! I'm glad you drive a Toyota- now I can imagine you driving all over the land having adventures, oblivious to the cares of others- happy days! Glad you have found a great doctor- they're in short supply here. I'll check out the new blog when i'm not supposed to be collecting a small child from school- yikes!!