Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has arrived.

G'day. We are into the second day of Spring as I type this and the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue and all is pointing to happiness.

We have made a decision on a lounge suite and it should be here in about eight weeks or so. The color is a glorious red and a few friends have expressed surprise that we would go for something so different, but, hey, why not?

We have changed the lounge room around in anticipation of this lovely suite and have just bought a corner unit for the TV. The TV guy came this morning to put another socket in the wall, to accommodate this new change. Mind you, he was only here a few weeks ago, to do the same thing on the wall where the TV originally was, but after having a look at where things would be best put, we decided on another area to set up our new unit. No doubt the TV man likes us, after all, he has swelled his bank account considerably by coming here twice. As I bid him farewell, I commented that we probably won't see him again and he just smiled and said "Maybe you will change your mind again" Sadly, my brain didn't work quick enough to come back with a smart reply.  I thought of plenty as he drove out the drive though !!!!!!!

Hubby will be home soon from doing a plumbing job and we are going to look at tiles for the bathroom. A new vanity unit was put in last weekend and all of the old tiles will be pulled off soon and lovely large white ones will take their place. It's only a small bathroom and by using large white tiles, it will make it look a lot bigger, that's the theory anyway. Hubby hasn't decided if he will tackle this job himself or maybe get a tiler in to do it. I am cheering for the tiler, but time will tell.

We have started our garden out in the back yard. The photo shows our gorgeous little dog "Lucky" laying on the sugar cane mulch that I had just put down after I planted the small native bush  just across from him. He jumped up as soon as my back was turned and made a depression in the middle and settled in for a snooze. It didn't matter to him that half the mulch fell off.  Take care. Liz...


  1. It sounds as if you are really getting settled in now. Looking forward to seeing the new suite!

  2. Hello, Liz- I'm delighted to see you here this morning because I was really starting to miss you badly- do you want some tea? Kettle just boiled! Spring? Oh wow, this old earth- rotating not even gently into Autumn here- it's the first year I remember it being so assertive! Suite and tiles and garden very exciting developments- what is a native bush? Here that would probably just mean either weed or oak tree! Inever think of clever comments when I need them, and spend sleepless nights formulating blithe reposts!

  3. WOW fall will be arriving soon with all it's brilliant colors. Love this time of the year when the weather has cooled down, no mosquitoes and a time to start slowing down. Nice looking dog. Hugs

  4. Lots of fun stuff happening there! I hope you'll take pictures of your new lounge and all the other good things you're doing.