Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, you sweet little car.

G'day. Well here she is. This is my newly acquired Toyota Echo and boy do I just love her. Of course I still love my old car, but being fickle, my thoughts are with this little beauty now. She is so cute, don't you think ?

Yesterday hubby and I went to the hospital so that I could have my thyroid treatment. This was a single tablet, that delivers a kick. It was housed in an lead container and hopefully it will fix my thyroid problems. I am now in quarantine, though at home. This little tablet contains radiation and therefore I must not venture out. Hubby has to keep his distance and so does our dear little dog to a certain extent. I have to wear gloves when preparing food, though hubby has taken on this task. Flush the toilet twice, wash my hands continually, drink lots and lots of fluids etc, etc.

I was told that my jolly old thyroid was running out of control and that a extremely overactive thyroid is dangerous. My metabolism has also shut down because of this. I wondered why over the last few months my appetite was increasing, I just wanted to gorge myself. Well, at least I feel marginally better that I can blame the thyroid. Apparently it controls so much and if it plays up, a lot can be blamed on it. If I get cranky I can say to hubby "Darn, it's my thyroid playing up"!!! Oh well, it might have been worth a try and of course, I would just happen to be one of these people  with an overactive thyroid who doesn't lose weight, quite the opposite in fact. Under very strict orders I have been told to eat fruit and veg, lean meat and try to cut out the carbs, otherwise I will be in trouble. I won't know for about six weeks if this one dose has worked, another blood test will tell that. So we will see and hopefully watching what I eat, I might shed a few kilos. I have also been told that it will be a battle and that  I will still want to eat all the time, because of the metabolism not working I have to try to control it myself until the thyroid loses it's power.

Back to my little beauty. We took my car yesterday for the hour long drive to the hospital and hubby asked could he drive it home, with me sitting in the back (we have to keep our distance). Well, he hasn't stopped raving about it, how fantastic it is on fuel, how comfortable the seats are, how good it handles on the road, how zippy it moves along, how this, how that. Of course I was sure of all of this anyway, but it's always good to get a great report from a guy who really does know a thing or two about cars and he takes pride in the fact that he was the one who said it was a good buy when it was between the Toyota or a Hyundai that I liked.

I wonder if I will have to fight him to drive it if we go on any trips. He loves it as much as I do and now I feel guilty that my old car doesn't feel loved, wanted or needed any more. Oh fickle, fickle me. Take care. Liz...


  1. Well these are two huge stories! Love the car, and especially since it comes to give you fab fickle fun at a time of ugh! Bon courage. Especially on the discipline thing- never good at that, myself!

  2. Love the little car. Hope your treatments work and your health improves quickly. Hugs

  3. Once thyroid is discovered to be the culprit, there are very good therapies that will support your metabolism and everything else. I remember decades ago, when my husband thought he had all kinds of health issues. Once thyroid supplements kicked in, his vitality and appetites got back to normal.
    Hope everything works out for you.
    Glad to know your car is as much fun to ride as you hoped.

  4. Blue cars and white cars are my favorite! Anyway, who purchased this car? Was it you or your husband? Since you both love driving this car, why don’t you just take turns in driving it, and share the wheel once in a while. :) By the way, I hope you are fine now Liz. Have more happy and safe trips!

    -Stelle Courney