Thursday, August 18, 2011

Having trouble with blogger.

G'day. I am having a spot of bother with blogger. This only seems to have happened since I changed my email address. It has been brought to my attention that I have been listed as a "no reply blogger". I have been trying to change this, but have discovered that my old email address is still listed in my profile and I can't seem to be able to change it. I am exasperated...................I will however keep trying and have gone into the help section and will see what happens. 

We are settling in here quite well, though it is taking time to get everything sorted. Friends call in on weekends, hubby is back doing a bit of plumbing work on various farms (just to keep his hand in, he says!!!) I work eight days a fortnight, so time at home by ourselves is precious. We are still trying to find the lounge room suite of our dreams. If we had ordered one in red from either of the various ones we have seen and liked, then our 14 week wait would have been underway by now, but no, hubby wanted to keep looking.

Later this morning we are going to the Home Show in Melbourne (our major city here in the state of Victoria where we live) Not that we expect to see a suite there, but just to get some ideas for improvements we can make around the house here.

Have had some lovely calls from the owners of our former farm, they have settled in really well, though are daunted by the garden, but have promised to make sure not one plant perishes and are enchanted by the bulls and cows and love to hear the mooing of a night time as they talk to one another, the cows that is, not the people......

The photo is of my beautiful dresser, hubby bought this for me as a surprise some years ago. I was working away from home through the week and one Friday night when I returned for the weekend, there it was set up in the lounge room. It holds a lot of treasures that I have kept that belonged to  my mother and grandmother as well as hubby's mother. It even has two old wooden extendable rulers that were my fathers, some beautiful green depression glass, two pearl necklaces (not real pearls) that were my grans, old crystal jugs, etc, etc. It has the perfect spot in our kitchen here now and it looks just great. Of course I just had to put one of my dolls that I had made on the top of it. Take care. Liz... 


  1. Gorgeous dresser, Liz! Glad to hear you are getting organized -- best of luck finding your dream suite -- why is it that when you are looking you can never find what you want! Only when you are not looking you might see dozens. Ahhh, C'est la vie!