Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buttons and Bows Swap package has arrived.

G'day. I was so excited when the Post lady rang the doorbell this morning and handed me a package. I tore off the wrapping and eagerly opened it up and what a wonderful surprise. My swap partner had sent me a collection of some wonderful things. Ribbons, buttons, a lovely little cross stitch, a gorgeous crochet brooch, two lovely fabric necklaces, a few other crochet items and so much more. The fragrant lavender bag is just the best, as soon as I started opening the box, I could smell lavender. I have it hanging in the kitchen and the smell is just divine. It is of course one of my favourite plants and something that I hope to plant here at our new home at some stage.

Thank you so much Penny. I just love it all and I am inspired to get sewing and using it all.

I am off to have my tooth surgically removed this afternoon, we will be leaving here in about a half hour. This is proving to be a very expensive process. I was shocked yesterday when I had my consultation with the Dr and he told me the costs involved. I could just about put a deposit on a new car for that, mind you it would be a very, very, small car !! My daughter rang me this morning to wish me well. She was telling me about her experience when she had the same thing happen with her tooth a few years ago and I remember at the time that she couldn't eat for a few days after having it done and was generally miserable. She just reminded me of what I was in for. She also said "I hope you have made some jelly, because that's all you will eat for a day or two" So I have made the jelly and will no doubt have that for my meal tonight.

Oh well, it's nearly time to get ready. Take care. Liz...


  1. You're the first to post about the swap! so glad you enjoyed your parcel, what pretty things Penny sent you. Thanks for joining in...especially as you were moving house at the time!

  2. Oh horrible- bon courage, Mrs!

  3. Hope the dental treatment went OK? That package looks great - now I am feeling a tad unsure as my packages weren't nearly as interesting so hope my swap partners won't be disappointed!!