Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In search of a new lounge suite.

G'day. Hubby and I made the decision some time ago that when we moved we would get a new lounge room suite. Hubby wanted a red one, not just any red mind you, but a hit you in the face kind of red. I'm ok with that, no problem there. At the moment we have a black leather two x two seaters, which we have had for some considerable time. Time for a change now though. A red lounge suite is not that easy to find, at least one where you don't have to wait 14 weeks for it to be made and delivered.

The local furniture shop here in town has a lovely cream one. We are after a two seater and two recliners, they have a three seater and two recliners, can't get it smaller. We both really liked it and the good news was they can get us a red one, not the exact red we were after, but close enough and hubby said it was the same red that the seats in one of his classic cars has, so I thought that cinched the deal and they would deliver it in one week or there abouts.Didn't matter that it was bigger than we had planned, we would adjust the lounge room. Hubby wanted to go and sit on the cream one again just to make sure. So off we toddle, this time hubby took his work boots off and would you believe his feet didn't touch the floor by an inch. I knew straight away that was the end of the lounge suite, red or not.

Of to the big smoke we go, sure to find a lovely red lounge suite down there we thought. Ha, think again. We went to about a dozen different furniture shops, not a red to be found. One place had a lovely black one and wonderful news, they can get it in red, not just one red, there were two shades we could choose from. Only problem, a 14-16 week wait.............

At the end of a tiring day we came home dejected, no lounge suite decided on. "I can ring the local shop and see if the red is still available (it is in another store in another state)" I said to hubby. "No, was his firm reply, my feet didn't touch the ground". Funny thing is that hubby is taller than me, only an inch or so, but my feet touched the ground and as the shop owner said , it's a recliner, so you recline.Oh duh, said hubby under his breath.

The saga of the lounge suite we don't have continues. Another trip to a large shopping area the next day, an hour or so from us, no red to be seen. There was a lovely bright orange one, but too expensive. Hubby made the comment that he would have a lounge suite more expensive than his car. The salesman had obviously not heard that comment before and politely laughed, but was otherwise not impressed. I don't know what our next plan of attack is at this stage. Nothing more has been said on the matter.

The picture was taken looking at part of the kitchen. I am slowly getting my crafty things and knick knacks where I want them.Hubby of course wishes they would all just disappear, he would have the house full of car stuff if he could, but he has a whopping big garage for that. Little does he know, I have more that I will trot out and place around the place when he is not looking. Take care. Liz...


  1. I hope you find what you want, but maybe you need to try a different colour which is in stock, and just have lots of bright red cushions?

  2. Sounds like two fabulous missions- find the sofa and infiltrate home with loveliness- one easier than the other. Bon courage with both! 14-16 weeks: that's 4 months! (Oh duh again.) Though to be honest, because most of our furniture places are big branches of huge chains, that can be fairly standard!

  3. I tried to reply to a comment you left on my blog but couldn't. Did you know you come up as a no-reply blogger?
    Good luck on finding what you want!!

  4. Here is a great tutorial on no-reply blogger....