Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Settling in ok.

G'day. The move went well. No dramas for a change.Hubby and I are settling into our new home. there are still a few boxes with things in them to be packed away, but generally everything is in it's place so to speak. The picture shows my sewing/computer room, all my crafty things were just thrown in there, hoping that they would land where they belonged, but of course this just doesn't happen in real life.This room was one of the last to be sorted. I kept putting it off as it was a scary thought of all that had to be done to get it in some sort of order. The old kitchen dresser that I bought from eBay has been a great blessing, though because of it's size, it does take up up a bit of room, but who cares, it looks good and serves it's purpose.

We had nine helping on moving day (including hubby and I) so as you can imagine it was busy, busy, busy. I had come down with a bad cold on the Saturday before moving Monday and that was no fun. I was not feeling my best, but of course had to soldier on even though all I wanted to do was find a cosy spot to lay down and hide for a while. Move completed, family and friends said their goodbyes and best wishes (after a few good stiff drinks). Hubby and I retired exhausted for the night.

The next day saw the kitchen start to get some sort of order in there. I managed to get all my goodies in place. Hubby said "Can't all your crafty things go somewhere else"? I firmly said "No" A week after the move I had a filling on one of my back teeth fall out, an urgent phone call to the local dentist for help as the toothache was terrible and then an Xray to see the roots as I mentioned that the last tooth I had out many years ago, took a long time to get out and guess what ! One of the roots has a bulbous head on it, so it has to be surgically removed. I have an appointment with the Oral Surgeon tomorrow. I am home from work on sick leave now because of this jolly tooth, if I don't take the pain killers, I have a rotten toothache, if I do take the pain killers, all I want to do is lay down as they knock me around. What next, I want to know.!!!

The new carpet is lovely, our new drapes and curtains should be here in another three weeks or so. We have already started looking for a new lounge room suite and for a total change we have decided to go for a blood red or something similar. Friends from work want to call in of course, but I have managed to hold them off as I just can't be bothered, luckily they know me and understand. Though one friend, not knowing our new phone number called in last week on her day off work, hubby said "Liz is sleeping" (effect of the tablets) but of course the doorbell ringing woke me up. Up I got and we had a cuppa, hubby went back to sorting out his garage, friend didn't stay long, but the deed was done and I got stuck into a bit more sorting out. The house is lovely, though a lot smaller than our old one and we are having trouble finding places for a lot of things. The local thrift shop is on a first name basis with us now, we have been there so often dropping stuff off. We have wondered if we should have rented and built a house, but decided to buy one established etc, etc,for various reasons. The people here before us didn't leave it very clean which has been a bugbear as we have had to clean as we go. We came here three times before we put the offer in and it always looked spotless, however, they let the team down big time and obviously didn't care toward the end. I have told the agent this and it will get back to the previous owners as a relative works there, but I don't care. Anyway, it is all good now, we are happy, our lovely little dog loves it here and all is pointing to a settled life once again.  I have only had the computer up and running for a day or so now and as I expected there was no smooth sailing there either, after a few phone calls and frayed tempers (on my part) we are off and running again. I am enjoying reading all the blogs I follow, though I apologize if I don't leave comments on them at this time. Take care. Liz...


  1. So glad to hear you are safely in your new home...lots to do no doubt, but it will be wonderful when all is finished.

  2. I am very muchly most delighted that you are back! Oh good luck on the settling in and arranging and re-arranging and thinking and shifting and sorting- it is all fabulous as far as I can see! Never get out of bed for a doorbell! I have stopped even answering the phone at times!

  3. Oh, Liz, so glad to hear from you after such a long break. Love your description of just throwing things into your room and hoping they would fall into the right place!! Sorry you've been ill and had tooth problems, though. The house looks great and looking forward to hearing more and seeing the pictures!