Saturday, July 16, 2011

My last blog, but just for a little while.

G'day. This is my last blog for a little while.  We change Internet providers when we move, as we no longer need the satellite dish for coverage at the new home, I will not have the computer up and running until sometime next week and hopefully if all the connections work as good as they should and the assurances from the  providers that I will have no problems setting up the WiFi etc, I will be back on track late next week. But of course this remains to be seen. I never seem to be able to get these things right the first time around!!

We have all survived our busy day yesterday, everyone is still in bed, except of course me. I had  restless night despite a few glasses of bubbly. Amid utter chaos here, more packing managed to get done, the new owner got a handle on how to work the pumps, cousin and wife amused themselves by making lunch, hanging out and then when dry bringing in washing. Friends called in to say a last goodbye to our beautiful farm here, you would have thought it was them leaving and not us. A member of the car club we are in also called in unannounced, as they were on their way home from visiting relatives a good sixty or so klms  away from us, and thought they would take they chance we were here. "Oh sorry", they said, we forgot you were moving, but that didn't deter them from staying and chatting and after a few cups of coffee and a look by the men here at the classic car hubby picked up some weeks ago and much discussion over how it would be restored, blah, blah, blah, they were on their way and mighty pleased I was to see their car go down the drive. We had friends call in like this not long ago and they would just not leave, at least these ones didn't stay that long. Surprisingly I didn't have a headache by the end of the day, but I was more than ready to tumble into bed last night. Today will be just as hectic and chaos will reign no doubt, but it is our very last full day here and maybe it is good that there is a new friend (the new owner) and hubby's family here to have this day with us. Tomorrow will be hard, of that I have no doubt, but we are leaving the home and farm we have had for many years in very good hands and we look forward now to another chapter in our lives and of course the chance to create another garden, though on a very, very small scale. Oh, what fun we will have. The pictures are all that I have shown before. In my next blog, whenever that is I will have new ones to show. Take care. Liz...


  1. Take time to have a good rest when you are settled in.

  2. Hello Liz
    When you get to read this the deed will be done but I'm sending Good Luck with the move anyway lol - I'm sure you will be emotional when you make that last journey down the drive but as you say theres the new garden and different opportunites to think about.

    Thanks for dropping in and for all your recent comments. Its nice to receive comment love and I've told myself to get with it and give out the love no matter how busy I am
    Take care

  3. Looking forward to new adventures with you.

  4. Could you let me have your new e mail address as soon as possible please, for the swap. Many thanks.