Thursday, July 7, 2011

Computer problems again. What a pain in the bottom !!!!

G'day. This dash, darn computer is playing up again, so it's off to the workshop again in the morning with it. It's my day off tomorrow and I have to spend it running into town with this pest of a thing. Of course when we move into town in ten days time, the computer shop and everything else will only be five minutes away, but until that happens, we are twenty five minutes out and I am annoyed because it was only recently fixed. So, there may be no blogs from me for a few days at least. I get withdrawal symptoms when the computer is gone, though maybe I will get a bit more packing done and there is always housework just waiting in the wings. The carpet in our new home went down today and we haven't seen it yet, maybe tomorrow I will have a sticky beak at it. Broad, you asked what a Whipper Snipper is, the only other term I can give it is a brush cutter. It cuts grass etc with a very fast rotating nylon cord, our one is petrol powered, though you can get electric ones. The picture is looking across our paddocks from the back yard here at the house. You may just be able to make out a small dot on the hillside, that is one of the bully boys. Hopefully I will be back on line again soon. Take care. Liz...


  1. I am continually amazed at these glimpses of your life! Amazed! Buly boys, gee whizz, the real thing! Won't you miss this, or will it all still be on th doorstep? Our Internet connection is rubbishly erratic right now, so I'm snatching blogging time where I can!

  2. G'day magsmcc. Yes, we will miss this. The new owner has asked us to visit often. Maybe I will come back once or twice, but that will probably be it. The bully boys lovely, despite their huge size, they really are just big softies, though of course they command respect. Take care. Liz...

  3. Oh, I like the term 'whipper snipper' far better than 'strimmer', which they call them here!

    I get withdrawal symptoms when without my computer or even without broadband, which I am at the house in France... But I figure it's probably a good thing for me to have a break -- still it does feel like a life-line...