Saturday, July 2, 2011

Roses are done. Woo Hoo.

G'day. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that all the roses have been pruned. I finished the last of them yesterday, all I can say is Yippee!!! Today, there is a bit of weeding to be done and just a general tidy up. Hubby was on the ride on mower yesterday, a job that used to be mine, but he has for some strange reason, over the last few months taking a liking to doing it. After all the years we have been here and all the mowing I have done with it, hubby now wants to steal my thunder. Though to be honest, I will not fight him for the mower, it takes a couple of hours to do all the mowing here and there are plenty of other things that need my attention at the moment. I just hope that that he will do the whipper snipping as well, that was another of my duties and one that I preferred to do as hubby never managed to get it quite right and yes, that's being picky, but I don't care, this is my blog and I get to choose what I write :)

The carpet in our new home goes in this coming Thursday, so we will be eager to see what it looks like, we are also arranging to meet with a couple of drape and curtain companies over a few days next week to have a look at some samples and hopefully get that all organized as well, so it's all happening here.

The bear in the picture is Niamh. I finished her yesterday afternoon. She is only nine inches high and is one of my favourite bears. This one is for me to keep and I will find a special place for her in our new home.I have made a few as gifts and she always proves to be popular. I think it's the nappie and singlet that add to her charm. Of course, hubby said "not another bear, haven't you made enough of them and where is this one going to go? I hope your giving it away ?" I just smiled and reminded him about a certain classic car we picked up the other weekend and asked him was he going to give that away. That shut him up, lol. Take care. Liz...


  1. You are most talented! That is some bear! And yes, of course, this is your blog and you can do anything you want with it.

  2. Hello Liz
    Just wrote a comment that went into 'who knows where' so I'll try again lol
    Grass was mine the whole time my man was woking - come retirement he claiamed it as his own. His reasoning was 'its better than washing up'
    I'm a bear maker also and Niahm looks very pert sitting there on the chair. Was she from a commercial pattern or your own design? Love the decoration on the foot pads very eye catching but I don't see any paw pads. Nice big chunky nose as well
    Take care
    ps thanks for dropping by when I was suffering from the winter blues, comments made me feel 'loved'

  3. G'day Cathy. Thanks for your comment. Yes, men are funny creatures aren't they. The bear is from a commercial pattern.. I bought it some years ago and I am happy to post you a copy of it if you would like to make her. Though to be honest, it would have to wait until we move as all the patterns are now packed away. I have made her so many times now, that I can just about do her blindfolded. This is my last one though, that is why I am keeping her. The novelty wears off after doing so many. Take care. Liz...

  4. G'day Rosaria. That you as always for your comment. Take care. Liz...

  5. Apologies for the spelling Rosaria. I meant "thank" you. ....

  6. What is 'whipper snipping'? I have many times heard the term 'young whippersnapper' but never considered what it actually stood for!