Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just one of those days !

G'day. I am having one of those days. I have just realised that my post of a few minutes ago "Blocks for Baby" was supposed to be on my other blog Cotton Reel Corner, but it's not, it's on this blog. What can I say,? Nothing much, I guess. Oh well, I hope you enjoy looking at it.

Yesterday, hubby was in the middle of putting some agi pipes in to combat the water that lays on the ground, when a massive storm came through. We had 35mm of water in just under 10 minutes and our backyard was awash. The lightening was spectacular, the rain torrential, the thunder deafening, the dog was hiding under the bed, hubby and I were watching this onslaught from under the outdoor undercover area out the back.

The pictures show the area where the drains have to be laid, one (the black one) is already down. The other pic is as the storm was passing over and you can see the hint of a rainbow on the upper right side. Everything looked so beautiful when the storm had gone, the sun came out and was quite warm, the garden looked fresh, hubby gave up and came inside and made us both a nice refreshing drink...... Take care. Liz...


  1. hey Liz,
    we got that storm down south too! about 40mm in about 15minutes... a lake in the front garden and the driveway washed away! and a beautiful sunset to finish with.

  2. (Love the blocks!) Well it has rained ALL weekend here but it is neither spectacular nor warm! Good friend heads off on hols to your land tomorrow- I'll not show her the weather!

  3. Ah yes, time to get all the drains in place before the next downpour.
    I forgot you are going into summer down under.