Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

G'day. Well, it's Valentines Day here and hubby and I usually just exchange cards and maybe a Tattslotto ticket each, but that's about all. But this year I was surprised to find a lovely red rose with a card and Tattslotto ticket to boot. Mind you, we have never won Tatts, but who knows, hopefully those numbers will just fall right one day. We live in hope. I wish all my friends out there in this beautiful big world a Happy Valentines Day. I hope it is a good one for you all.

There have been a few things happening in my world of late, but at this time I am unable to put it all down in print. All I can say is that it involves a car I sold late last year and some rather unsavoury happenings with the police involved. I will tell more when I am given the green light to do so,though that may not be for some time. Yes, I know it sounds dramatic and in some ways it is. Let's just say, it has been enough to rattle my cage as well as hubby's.

Now, as to the pictures I have put on this page. I do not know what the bush is called, but it has the most beautiful flowers. The colors are a gorgeous hot pink tipped with yellow. It didn't have a description on the pot when we bought it a few weeks ago and since being in the ground, it has rewarded us with lots of lovely blooms.If anyone out there knows what it is, please tell me.

Now if only we could keep the pesky blackbirds from scattering all the mulch around our garden, I would be a happy woman. Hubby and I call them wrecker birds, they make such a mess flicking the mulch around with their beaks and feet, they are a real pain in the you know what !! You would not normally be able to see the soaker hose, but thanks to those rotten birds, there it is in all it's glory. I am forever raking it back up.

In a few weeks, Hubby and I are off for a holiday in Tasmania. This is my home state and we are really looking forward to heading back over there as it's been a while. We are going by ship and are taking our precious little dog with us. They have kennels on board, so I am hoping he will be ok.Needless to say, it's a break hubby and I need and we will have a great time.

I am still going to Weight Watchers and am doing extremely well. Tonight is weigh in again and I expect to have lost a bit more. As I said earlier, this has been a stressful time and food has not been a priority for me. But, I am ever the optimist and all will be well. Take care. Liz...


  1. Lovely Liz, I hope all goes well with your problem and that you have a wonderful holiday. Love, Love, love Tassie! You lucky thing.

  2. Liz, it looks like 'red clover' to me -- not that I know a lot about plants -- but that is the state flower of Vermont so I'm familiar with it. Hope you have the best of times in Tasmania -- it's a well deserved break for both of you. Best of luck with the car incident -- sounds rather unpleasant, which you definitely do not deserve...

  3. Happy Valentine's Day my Aussie friend. Do have a great time in Tassie, such a pretty state. Catch up with you when you get back...
    Smiles -

  4. Hello Liz
    Nice to see you and for all your comments.
    Well what a tadoo with the car - we'll all be hanging out waiting to hear the grizzly (well hopefully not too grizzly) details when you able to let us in on them.
    Enjoy Tassie
    Take care

  5. Happy Valentine, Liz. Enjoy your vacation.

  6. You're always so busy and purposeful and achieving of great things! I've been at this bloomin' keyboard for an hour and that is just not getting the bathroom clean! You are aimspiration, here I g...