Friday, February 3, 2012

A mirror and a much loved cat.

G'day. I have been cleaning out my wardrobe most of the morning and found this beautiful mirror, still in it's box. This mirror was bought a couple of years ago as a wedding present. Sadly, the bride to be called off the wedding a week before the event. So I have kept this lovely piece. It is all hand made and on the hanging wire are gorgeous shells and beads. I  can remember the day I bought it. I had gone to a very large craft market and this guy was selling all hand made glass items and there was  another lady looking at this piece, but as soon as I saw it, I knew that would be our wedding present to the happy couple. Luckily, the lady's husband drew her attention to something else on the same stall and as soon as she moved I grabbed the mirror and bought it. It has been in it's box ever since, but now hangs on one of the walls.
I have just had a phone call from my daughter while I have been typing this post. She rang to tell me that she has made the heart breaking decision to get her beloved cat put down. His name is Gasket and he is nearly 20 years old and hasn't been well now for some time. Over the last few days he has gotten worse and my daughter said that this morning after she fed him she realised that he couldn't jump up on her knee as he loves to do and that his breathing is not right. Tomorrow at 11.00 am they have an appointment at the vet. I have tried to say all the right things and we have both been crying our eyes out, but, even though my daughter said she knows she is doing the best thing for the poor old puss, it is not easy. It will be on her mind for the rest of the day and I doubt she will get much sleep tonight. I have offered to drive down, but she said that her fiance will go with her. I will be thinking of them tomorrow and I will be remembering a lovely cat, who would strut around in his younger days as though he owned the world and who would just drop at your feet and roll over for you to rub his tummy and he loved to head butt your hand to get you to pat him on the  head. He has had just the best life, my daughter has loved him devotedly. I wish I had that magic wand to make everything ok. Take care. Liz...


  1. The mirror is beautiful. The glass surround is very dramatic.
    I feel for you and your daughter. I had to make the same decision for my favourite old cat Blacky. She was riddled with cancer and became sick very quickly. We have made our peace and I know she is thankful. I don't generally think like that but Blacky and I were very close.

  2. How very sad for you and your daughter Liz. We do become so attached to our pets, it's hard to let them go even when our heart tells us it's time. I'll be thinking of you all.
    The mirror btw, is gorgeous! How lucky for you that rediscovered it.
    Smiles -