Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day.

G'day. It's Australia Day here in this beautiful land of ours and we are flying the flag proudly.

Traditionally our flag is blue in color,but, to be different, we have a red one. There is a blue one lurking in the cupboard somewhere, with all the other flags we have. But, the red one is on display today.

We have always had a flagpole, though this one is a lot smaller than the last one we had on the farm. Hubby put this  up on the side of the garage some weeks ago and I am sure the neighbours are gobsmacked to say the least.

We are also having a "barbie" for tea tonight. Hubby is cooking it and he is wearing the Aussie apron that comes out of mothballs for this special occasion.

Poor hubby has been slaving away in the garden today. We needed the sprinkler system to be working properly. The last owners had installed it, but it was not efficient. It has been really hot here as well and the plants will be thankful for what hubby has achieved. I unfortunately have had to work. Oh well, I suppose some of us have had to keep the country going.

Sorry this is so short, but the smell of the barbie is enticing me and of course I mustn't resist. Hubby will pinch my piece of steak if I don't keep an eye on him.
Take care. Liz...


  1. Happy Aus day Liz and I hope you saved your steak. LOL!

  2. Happy Australia Day! The idea of bbq weather right now and right here is very enticing!

  3. Have a wonderful day, SP

  4. Happy Australian Day! Do share the recipes! Please!

  5. Happy Oz Day Liz...I said as much to an American friend married to an Aussie and mentioned that..'a barbie, beer,stubbies (on the men) and lots of laughter' make it a great Australia Day. She queried what on earth 'stubbies' were. Anyone else not know?