Monday, January 2, 2012

A lovely present from a friend.

G'day. I have just received this lovely cushion from a very good friend. There is no special reason she gave it to me, other than we are friends and she knows I love teddy bears.

Over the years I have made teddies, bought teddies, been given teddies, saved teddies that were being thrown out. You might say that I have a few teddies and that would be true.

I no longer make teddies or buy them, unless one catches my eye and I just have to have it, but I do try hard to resist now. You see, since moving to a much smaller home, my teddies were taking over, so to speak.

My friend saw this little pillow and thought of me straight away. It is just the cutest little thing and I simply adore it. Of course, I adore my friend for buying it for me. Isn't it great to have friends like this. This little cutie will sit on my dressing table to be much admired. Take care. Liz...


  1. Oh yes, quite the cutie! Getting unexpected presents makes any occasion special.

  2. I just love them! I have a special friend who always brings me a teddy when she visits -- special little bears that mean a lot to me. That cushion is just irresistible!

  3. That is just so cute. My youngest daughter makes teddy bears from old fur coats. We love bears around here too. Hugs

  4. That's a really cute cushion! I used to be addicted to teddies too - it's a hard habit to kick!