Friday, January 13, 2012

My new play thing.

G'day. I have recently bought myself this Tefal Fresh Express. It's great for slicing certain vegetables, like zucchini, carrots, cucumber etc   Also good for grating chocolate, nuts and Parmesan cheese, though I am yet to try these last three. I made a coleslaw with it a few nights ago and found it fast and easy to use. I also love the fact that it is neat and compact. All the little cones fit inside one another when not in use and it doesn't take up much room in the cupboard. And don't you just love the fabulous red color ? No doubt I will have many happy hours of fun with it.  Oh dear, I must get a life!!!

We are supposed to be in the height of our summer here, but you would never know it. The last few days have been really cold where I live. I had to put the electric blanket on to warm the bed the other night. I have heard though, that the next couple of months are supposed to be stinking hot. But, time will tell, you would never think that at the moment. I do hope that prediction is wrong as I hate the heat with a passion.

I have been walking to and from work now and am really enjoying it. The walk of a morning is great, but walking home is a different ball game. It's hard after being on my feet most of the day and then the nearly 4 klm trek home. But, I am proud of myself that I am managing it and am already feeling better for it. I only hope that it shows up on the scales at the next WW meeting. I do have the option of getting a bus home and any number of workmates have offered to drive me. If it's going to be a really hot day, or wet and windy, one of those options will be taken advantage of.

Hubby is out in the garage endearing himself to the neighbours, banging and bashing at something. I am staying inside, well out of the fray, he is really making a ruckus.  The neighbours must just shake their heads and wonder what on earth they did to deserve us in their midst. He has been working on one of the  classic cars that we have, so hopefully the banging and bashing is not him taking his temper out on the poor helpless vehicle. We are attending a car club run at Easter to another Australian state and the car has to be ready to make the long trip. All that needed doing was sanding the body down and re spraying it, which hubby will do himself, but, I am sure that the use of hammers is not needed in regard to that !!!

Take care. Liz...


  1. Fabulous machine. It looks very modern. It is only 26 degrees here today and cloudy. A little different from the 38 we had the other day. This is the craziest Qld summer I have lived through.

  2. I love the idea all the bits are stored on it rather than having to looking for bits. Very groovy looking. You are doing so well Liz. Good on you. I am back into walking too. I think I should have a prize for all the Chrissy goodies I ate.....arrgghh! I think I actually have tube that runs from my lips to my hips.

  3. It looks so cheerful, is it easy to clean?


  4. Interesting looking machine -- haven't seen one like it before -- and I love the red colour! Temperature here is just freezing - 0 - exactly! I shall be venturing out shortly -- need the walk. Congratulations on your success walking to and from work -- you are doing well...

  5. Hello Liz
    Now isn't that the happiest looking worker lol It looks very Italian - is that where it was made?
    As you know I agree with you on the mysterious whereabout of Summer - we needed an extra blanket on the bed the other evening. Hopefully the temps will rise next week but tomorrow's high of 28 has now been lowered to 24 and I see there is to be rain as well again next week, which we never begrudge unless it comes down in bucket loads like this time last year. Were you involved with those floods?
    Take care

  6. I'm tipping my hat to you, working all day, and choosing to walk to and from work! You'll be fitter than a...

    How are you liking your new diggs?

  7. It looks like a space machine Liz...very mod indeed. Wonderful to hear that you're continuing your walking...but I have to smile at all the comments about the, it usually stays at a fairly steady 80-90F with trade winds to cool me down if the temp. rises anymore than that. Very nice weather...particularly for reading :)