Friday, March 23, 2012

More photos from Tasmania. A town called "Penguin"

G'day. Firstly I would just like to say "thank you" to those who sent me 60th birthday wishes. I do appreciate your kind words.

After getting of The Spirit of Tasmania, we headed to the lovely little seaside town of Penguin. It's such a quaint town and they really have embraced their name. They have pengiun rubbish bins lining the main street, the tourist information centre has a large and colorful penguin out the front. It makes for a delightful stop on one's journey. Each time we come to Tasmania, we always seem to head in this direction and never get tired of seeing some of these delightful towns that are along the top of Tassie.

Just a short post today. As usual, there are a hundred and one things to do and time as always seems to be in short supply. My next item today is to plant a beautiful pink Hydrangea that I have recently bought. When I say it's a pink Hydrangea, I am only going on the tag as it's not actually out in flower and is only a very small plant.I purchased a rather largish citrus yellow plant pot some time ago and it has been sitting empty, just waiting for some bush or standard to be planted in it, at least that was the plan. I was thinking along the lines of a standard Lilypilly, but it hasn't happened. Even though the pink of the Hydrangea may clash with the citrus yellow of the pot, I think it will still look quite ok.Time will tell and as this Hydrangea should only grow to about a metre high, it, in theory sounds ideal. Maybe at some stage it will be a glorious sight and I will post a photo of it. Take care. Liz...


  1. Love the idea of a town called Penguin...

    My hydrangea is all shoots. I thought it had died as we had a very hard winter here with temperatures down to minus 17! Tough little plants. They need a lot of water though, so you might want to put in an irrigation system for the pot...

  2. What a charming place to discover -- how you must have enjoyed it!

    We used to have a fantastic number of hydrangea bushes, including two huge lace hydrangeas. For many years and suddenly they all either died or died back. We are not at all sure what happened. It now looks as if some of them are making a comeback! Good luck with yours -- I expect they will be gorgeous.

  3. A Town call adorable! Of all the Aussie states, Tasmania is the only one I never had the chance to visit. I'm sorry I didn't now...Penguin sounds like a place I love! Smiles - A.

  4. You do know that bloggers are hungry for pictures! Glad to see you enjoyed your visit.

  5. It is such a cute town Penguin. We only had a quick visit though. Lovely photos Liz. Lo ve Hydrangeas but I can only stitch them not grow them :(