Friday, March 30, 2012

An Octopuses garden by the sea.

G'day. Determined to continue going to a weekly meeting of Weight Watchers while on holiday in Tasmania, we stayed at a lovely town called Burnie, which is along the top coast of this beautiful land.The ladies at the WW meeting were very impressed to say the least, that a visitor from the Mainland, should still want to attend a meeting while on holiday and they couldn't have been more friendly or helpful.They even asked hubby to come in and say hello and to please bring our little dog in, so everyone could make a fuss of him.

I asked one of these kind folk what was a good eatery to have a meal at and they told us about a place called Fish Frenzy. So, feeling like fish and chips would do the trick, off we went. The food was delicious, but what really captivated me was watching a young man sitting on the concrete with a computer in front of him and the manhole cover near the octopuses open and he seemed to be  working on something and for the life of us we couldn't figure what he was up to. Time went by, we finished our meal, hubby was drinking the last dregs of the beer in his glass, when the young man packed up the computer, put the manhole cover back in place (you might be able to see a black and a grey pole sticking out of the ground in front of the octopuses) with the two poles that he had used to lift the cover up with in the first place and then he pressed a button and water shot out of the heads of the creatures in a fantastic plume and then it would change to another display of cascading water. After about five minutes the water stopped and that was it. I was intrigued.

Hubby by this stage had made his way back to the van, but I needed to know why the water had stopped and how could it start again, hubby thought it must be on some sort of timer, but, me being me, wanted to know more. So camera in hand,over I walked once again. By this time, a few people were nearby and I had walked to the manhole cover and saw just beside it a button recessed into the concrete with a small plaque beside that, saying to press the button to start the water feature and as soon as the people had moved on that is just what I did. Sadly the display of water didn't show up on the photo, but I guess you get the idea. I really am just a big kid at heart and I hope that never changes. My daughter gave me a book mark recently and it has a saying on it "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional" I couldn't have said it better myself.Take care. Liz...


  1. You were very disciplined to attend a WW meeting while on holiday. I love the octopus story. Seems like a very interesting display.

  2. Yeah, you are a curious one, and are rewarded each time! I like that saying given by your daughter!

  3. What a delicious post Liz, and how very disciplined of you to still attend meetings while on holiday...good for you! The fountain affair looks amazing..did you find out who the architect was? Smiles - Astrid

  4. I'll be in Burnie is a few weeks, I'm going to investigate this little button myself!