Saturday, August 18, 2012

My new toy.

G'day. I hope that all my non quilting/sewing friends who follow my blog will forgive me for rambling on in this post about my new plaything. I have just bought myself an embroidery machine. Though the truth is that I have had it on layby for a few months, but it is now home with me, where it belongs. I, off course can't stop playing with it and that is the only way that I will learn how to use it to it's best advantage.

The second picture shows my very first attempt at doing something with it and I must say that I am rather pleased with myself. My next few attempts were also successful, but the tension was not quite right and those attempts have gone in the scrap bin. I can see that I am going to have a lot of fun. The housework may not get done and the weeds will probably grow rampant in the garden, but who cares. I am unleashing my creativity and more power to me. 

Now for something totally different. I follow a blog called and this lovely lady came up with the great idea of sending three of the Wind in the Willows characters around the world. Ratty, Toad and Mole have been drawn and coloured in, onto fabric and have been made into three lovely small pillows.They have been visiting many countries via the bloggers who agreed to host them. I am one such person and I look forward to them visiting me at some stage soon. They are currently in France and after having much fun there, they will be making the long journey to me, in Australia. I then send them to New Zealand so they can have lots of adventures in that beautiful country and they really will have a tale to tell when they finally get back home to Pom Pom in America. I am not sure what I will do to entertain them at this stage, but no doubt they and I will have a lots of good times. I will be posting all about their visit with me and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Take care. Liz... 


  1. Have fun Liz! Thats a nice embroidery design.
    I have a Brother embroidery machine that I purchased quite a few years ago and the Brothers are a lovely machine too


  2. That's really pretty Liz! Embroidering the garden rather than working in it sounds a good deal to me!

  3. How lovely to have that machine, you will be able to embroider everything now!
    Sadly I had to drop out of the Willows visit, it would have coincided with our house move and they might have got lost in a packing case! I'm sure you will give them a wonderful time.

  4. Well hello you, soon to be totally embellished Liz. All very exciting with you obviously! Delighted to hear you so ready for the Wanderers!! There's going to be one more Australian stop after you, so they'll be very well wandered by the end of this Odyssey! Thanks again for making this such a worldwide venture!

  5. How clever you are Liz! I can't even hem a handkerchief so I'm always amazed what creative sewers/embroiderers can do. Your hosting of the Wanderers sounds like fun. Looking forward to hear all about their adventures :)

  6. What a fabulous machine and your first project looks so pretty. Hosting the Wind in the Willows gang sounds like fun. I look forward to their adventures with you.