Monday, July 16, 2012

Home, with a cold.

G'day. I have been working quite a lot over the last few months or so, not only at my place of employment but at home, just doing the usual things that need doing around here. But, it's been my paid work that has consumed a lot of my time. I very rarely work weekends, but because of staff shortages and one thing and another, I seem to be there at least six days a week of late. Oh yes, the money comes in handy, but being a homebody, I long for my days off.

If I am not planning on going anywhere on these precious days, I have my shower early in the morning, put my favourite  PJ's on and just generally enjoy my time, doing some sewing if the mood takes me, getting out in the garden if the day is nice, or just pottering around doing housework, maybe sit in my favourite chair in the afternoon and read a book. 

Oh sweet joy, I have not one, but two days off now in a row and wouldn't you know it, I have come down with a cold. I wasn't feeling top notch at work yesterday and by the time I got home in the afternoon, I knew I was in trouble. As soon as tea was finished, I was in bed, only to wake up through the night with the worst sore throat imaginable. I trudged out of bed all aches and pains to take some pain relief tablets and waited for them to work, no such luck.My throat feels like a few dozen razor blades are doing the Can Can in there. Doctors doesn't open until 9.00 am, but as soon as they do, I will be on the phone asking for an appointment. I need antibiotics and fast. If no appointment is available today, as sometimes happens, I will take myself off to the emergency department at the local hospital. After all, I work there one day a fortnight, so I know they will not turn me away.

I had great plans for my two coveted days off, those plans have now gone out the window.All I can think about is going back to bed,snuggling down and  pulling the covers up.I think this dreaded cold and rotten throat may have been a result of catching a chill at the wedding I attended last Saturday night. Even though I thought I was dressed warmly, the weather was absolutely freezing. My feet were like two blocks of ice and at one stage I am sure they were so cold that I couldn't feel them. So, some of us ventured inside the home of the lovely lady who lent her house for this event, just to get a respite from the wind and the rain, only to be ushered out again for some toast to the bride and groom.I think this going from cold to hot a few times through the night didn't help.The wedding was lovely, but I will remember it for the extreme weather.It's not a good idea to have a wedding in winter, that's mainly going to be held out of doors and at night to boot.

Well, it's just past 9.00am. Doctors office will be open and I had better make that phone call. Wish me luck. Take care. Liz...


  1. Oh Liz...prayers for a speedy recovery. A sore throat is even worse than a toothache! I do hope you are now loaded up with enough drugs to kill this dreaded sore throat and that you don't get any worse before you get better. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Oh Dear, Liz - snuggle up warm and get better soon!

  3. Good Luck -- hope you've got your meds and are on the mend. I just cannot imagine an outdoor wedding in winter at night! Good for you going at all! Just reading about it has made me go all shivery!

  4. Not good news that you have a cold. It is a good idea to hit it fast and hard. Make sure you get plenty of rest.