Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A great day out.

G'day. Last Sunday, hubby and I went on the last steam train trip for this year. Due to the hot weather coming and the days of "Total Fire Ban" that we will have, the steam trains do not run. After all, we can't have them starting bushfires, now can we? Wonder how many were started back in the "old days" when all we had were steam locomotives.!!

This trip was to the beautiful harbour side city of Geelong, about an hour by road from Melbourne. Once again we left home at an early hour to get to Southern Cross train station and on board we hopped, looking forward to another great day out.

The day promised to be a warm one and it was true to it's word. In fact it was quite hot, even with the sea breeze.  There are quite a few bollards around Geelong and these great looking guys are in the park near the water. There was a terrific market happening in the park, but didn't see anything that leaped out at me and said "buy me", much to hubby's pleasure. Though of course I did get a few crafty ideas from some of the stall holders.

As I type this I am still in my PJ's and it's nearly 3.00pm. How disgraceful, you are probably saying. But wait, there is a reason and it's my story and I am sticking to it. I have not been well over the last few weeks and have not been at work. The steam train trip was probably something I shouldn't have gone on, but hubby had paid for the tickets in advance and he was really looking forward to it, being the great steam train buff that he is. Anyway, back to me. It's nothing serious, just a bladder prolapse and the insertion of a pessary to hold it all up. Well, the jolly pessary has caused pain, ulcers, infection and bleeding and had to be removed three weeks after going in. So I am not a happy camper. But all is not lost and I am sure I will feel better tomorrow and if this is all I have to worry about, then it's not too bad after all, is it?

I am still playing with my new computer, though I have had  a few glitches with it. It is so darn touchy, that the screen moves before you realise it. Hubby doesn't like it one bit. He prefers the old one.  I think I could really do with a course in how to use it to it's best advantage. The help books that came with it are not that useful. The computer genius is only a phone call away if I need him and I suspect he will be hearing from me soon. Take care. Liz...


  1. The steam train day out sounds wonderful. I managed to ride quite a few times before they brought in the diesel trains. I was only little though. I would say from what you have described of your condition you deserve a few days off work. Take care.

  2. We are lovers of steam trains in our house too Liz. What a great day out. I am so sorry you are unwell and as the song says "I enjoy being a girl" (sometimes)I do hope you manage to get it all sorted and that you are soon on your way to feeling much better. Take care. Hugs Michelle xx

  3. Sounds like a great day! The prolapse thing sounds a nightmare - I hope it's soon better!

  4. I hope you are feeling better, Liz. I'll be saying prayers for you. G'day, Jamie