Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm in love...

G'day. Yes, you may think by the heading that I love our gorgeous little dog "Lucky" and you would be right, I do. But, I now have another love, much to hubby's dismay and I am playing with it right this minute and have been besotted with it for the last three or four days. This thing that has captured my affections is my lovely new laptop. I just can't leave the jolly thing alone.

Of course, my excuse is that I have to learn how to use it and that this has necessitated it occupying my every waking moment, well almost!! Yes, the housework has suffered and there may even be one or two weeds in the garden. Meals have been a bit on the late side, as I begrudgingly have to leave my new best friend to make sure both hubby and I don't starve and that beloved pooch still gets his meal as well. In fact it's 10.55pm here now and I have my beauty on the bed with me. Hubby is sleeping in the spare room, but don't panic, it's not because he thinks the computer has replaced him, but only because I have not been well over this past week and have been very restless throughout the night. I have also been home from work all week and even though I have not felt the best, it has given me a chance to try to figure out this piece of modern technology.

There have been a few hitches, it hasn't all been smooth sailing and things are still not perfect, but I am learning and haven't managed to blow it up just yet.

I still haven't got it all figured out and there were a few moments when I doubted my logic in getting something so state of the art and not to mention a few worrying minutes (hours really) when I realised that the email programme that I had used for the last few years, won't work on it. This caused me a major headache, so off to the retailer where I purchased it and took them up on their word that they would help if I got into any bother and boy, I bet they were sorry they said that, because I was still there an hour and a half later. We discovered my email programme is not yet compatible with Windows 8. From what the computer genius told me, it appears that Microsoft brought out Win 8 and some companies were caught napping. The company that supplies my email programme was one of them. So I am now using the email supplied by the phone company that our home account is linked with and I am finding it a touch difficult. Truth is I want my old one back quickly. I will have to keep bombarding them with emails, telling them to hurry up and get their act into gear and get up to speed with Win 8.

Oh dear, it's now 11.27pm and I guess I had better try to get some sleep. How time flies when you are having fun. Hubby and I have to go out tomorrow and will be gone most of the day. I wonder if hubby would mind if I took this sleek little number with me !! What do you think? Take care. Liz...


  1. People often wonder how I spend so much time on my computer but, as you now know, it is addictive...

    So many patterns, so little time...

  2. I hate computers, cars and houses. But I do very much love that photo!

  3. I hate computers too...and that includes my two laptops. But, since I write so much I guess I'll just have to keep 'em...sigh.

  4. I love computers. I do. I love the CLOUD and all the stuff computers can do to teach us new things! I rejoice with you, Liz. Get well, friend.

  5. what an amazing picture! I love the view-- is that Melbourne? I hope you feel better and congrats on the new laptop. I refuse to give up the mouse and I need a huge screen for my middle age eyes, so its a desktop for me. But the thought of internet in bed is seductive, haha.G'day, Liz!