Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The boys are on their way to the Northern Territory

G'day. I said a fond farewell to Ratty, Toad and Mole and wished them a safe journey as they head to the Northern Territory for the next part of their Australian adventure. I was sad to see them go, they have been great little guys, but I have some wonderful photos to remember them by.

While we were in Bendigo waiting to walk back to the train, hubby spotted a second hand book shop, so in we all went and as I was browsing around, this is what I saw, it seemed like fate that this display was sitting there. The store owner saw me looking and said that the Wind in the Willows was his favourite book when he was a child. I promptly took out Ratty, Toad and Mole and explained the story behind them and their world tour and he was most impressed. he then went on to tell me to choose one of the books and it was mine, no charge. How could I refuse such an offer! I choose the book on the left. I did offer to pay him, because I said that I would have bought one of them anyway, but he wouldn't hear of it. It really seemed as though we were meant to go into that shop.I thanked him profusely and he even wished the Willow boys a safe and happy adventure on their travels. How good was that?

The boys of course, told him all about where they had been and all the great people they had met and that they were looking forward to the rest of their journey.he listened patiently and said that he was mighty pleased to have met them. Even hubby was impressed that this man entered into the fun of the Willows.

I look forward to reading all about their next adventures soon....

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pom Pom and Mags for having me join in the Willows tour and thank you to everyone who followed my blog and left wonderful comments on what the boys and I were up to. I greatly appreciated it...

After I posted off the boys, I went and picked up my new computer. I have been threatening to get rid of this old one for some time now, as it has been no end of trouble and has been costing more to fix it than it was worth. I went to do something on it on Saturday morning and the jolly thing wouldn't start, then when it finally decided to play ball, it shut itself off half way through what I was typing. That was it for me. I was so angry and frustrated with it, that I really could have taken it outside there and then and got the sledgehammer onto it. I told hubby that I was going to the local store and was getting a new one, that I was sick of talking about it and was ready to take action and back up all the talking. So I am the proud owner of a new laptop. Mind you, I am typing this on the old one, who would you believe, has not played up since!!! Only reason I am still using this is because I have not fully worked out the laptop and have not connected it to the Internet yet. I have not had a laptop before and I am looking forward to the space I will now get back on my sewing table, where the monitor, keyboard, hard drive and printer all reside. I somehow have a feeling that I will be contacting the computer genius who luckily lives just down the road from me, for help, even though the man in the store assured me I would have no trouble etc, etc. I have found things are never that easy. Maybe my next post will be on my new toy!!! Then again, maybe not. I had better end this post before this computer spits the dummy. I don't think it appreciates being upsurged by a new, slimmer,sportier model. I am sure it is going to close itself down any second now. Take care. Liz...


  1. I'm sure you visitors enjoyed their stay with you as much as you enjoyed having them :) What a great find at the bookstore though..sigh. Book stores are becoming a forgotten breed here. Such a pity since browsing through stacks of books has always been my favorite thing.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts on your laptop. Congrats on getting it :)

  2. Sounds like you and the boys had a great time. What a lovely thing to get the book as a gift from the book store owner.

  3. What a great guy! I'm going to include him on the highlights list when we get to taht stage- you're big on my highlights list for sure!! I have loved reading these Oz posts- so very far away and yet so close- much love, Mx

  4. Hello Liz, what a grand & marvelous job you did hosting the Willows!! Such very good tales & the grandest adventures. I love the ending...just perfect serendipity!! How lovely to have the book, posts & photos to remember such a fun & happy time. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. What a lovely man. I do think many of the best people are to be found in bookshops one way or another!