Sunday, October 28, 2012

Off to see more of Australia.

G'day. I have been telling the Willow boys that they will be going to visit with a lovely lady in the Northern Territory. This is up towards the top of Australia and covers a very large area. It is a magical place and has some beautiful scenery. The boys will have a fabulous and exciting time.

They have asked that we finish the tales of Hoppy the Kangaroo and so we are gathered around the book and the boys are eagerly awaiting to see what adventures Hoppy gets into next.  

Hoppy was near Melbourne  and he met Danny the Dingo who was in a hot air balloon and going across the ocean to Tasmania. Hoppy asked could he come along and Danny said he was happy to have the company. I explained that Dingo's don't live down in my part of Australia, they are mainly found up around the top. They are essentially a wild dog, but have been known to make an excellent pet if reared from a puppy. They are a beautiful looking animal, but sometimes have been given a bad reputation. Toad said he hoped he didn't meet one, as he thought it might try to bite him. Ratty and Mole agreed. After arriving in Tasmania, Hoppy next met Walter the Wombat. Wombats are small solid creatures who dig a burrow in the ground and that's where they like to live. I told the boys that Wombats are my very favourite Australian animal. They too can be tamed, but generally if in the wild, it is best to stay clear of them. They have very sharp claws and sharp teeth as well. Mole was most impressed that Wombats live underground, he though he might meet one and tell him tales about his underground home.I think he is feeling a bit homesick, poor little chap.
Hoppy then  went on his travels and met Paula the Platypus. Ratty really liked Paula when I said that the Platypus spends all of their time in the water. He said he was missing his river also. Next Hoppy came across Terry the Tasmanian Devil. These are great looking creatures, but are very fierce, you really don't want to tangle with one of these guys. They are only in Tasmania in the wild, though there are many in zoo's across the country. All three boys were rather frightened of Terry and I don't blame them. 

Well, that's the end of Hoppy's adventures across this beautiful land I call home. Ratty, Toad and Mole were sad to see it end, but they all said they will have wonderful memories of the animals they have met through this fabric book. 

It is sad for me as well, to see my time with these great little Willow guys come to an end. It has been so much fun having them. Thank you Pom Pom and Mags for allowing me the experience. Thanks to the boys for being such good company and for being so well behaved. I have loved every minute of it. Even though the boys will be on their way tomorrow, I still have a few photos to share in the next post or two. 

Hooroo from Ratty, Toad, Mole and Liz...


  1. Hooroo to your little friends Liz....great Aussie yarn too.

  2. You are a wonderful teller of tales, Liz!
    It warms my heart that you have enjoyed the Willows boys so much! They certainly are most fortunate, aren't they? Their Grand Tour has proved to be MORE than GRAND! Thanks to you and the other hostesses! Hooray!

  3. Thanks for these adventures; we loved them.

  4. Oh I'm so glad their next stop is still in Australia- they couldn't have borne to leave just yet, I think! But you have been a fabulous hostess, Liz! You have taken their education the most seriously!!