Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh, those dear Willow rascals...

G'day. I know that I left you all in suspense with the tale of the Willow boys. Hubby indeed took his attention away from them for a short moment while he was eating his lunch and when he turned around the three of them were gone. 

When I returned from the toilet, he was frantically pacing up and down near where we had been sitting. His first words to me were "They have run off, I can't find them" This caused a bit of concern, but I knew they couldn't be far. As we started to walk around the area, I heard some very quiet laughter and hubby happened to look up and there they were, sitting quite happily in one of the large trees nearby.But, before I had a chance to grab them, Ratty who was in a fit of the giggles lost his balance and landed on the ground.Luckily no harm was done, except maybe he had a slight headache.Mole and Toad couldn't stop laughing at this turn of events and thought it very hilarious that poor Ratty had taken a tumble .But then before they knew what was happening, they too were soon to be heading towards the ground. Hubby, fast on his feet, saved them and after picking Ratty up, we all went and sat back on the seat to calm ourselves down from all this excitement.

Much to the boys delight a Galah landed nearby. Mole wanted to get a closer look, but the bird got startled and flew off, only to come back again. Galah's are beautiful birds and usually you will see them with their mate or in a flock.This lovely one was on it's own. It made Ratty, Toad and Mole very happy to see one of our native birds so close.

After a full day with lots of great things to see and do, it was time to walk back to the station and get the steam train back into Melbourne, then drive home. It was a very late night for all of us and we were all glad to tumble into bed. The boys chattered about their adventures for a while, but then all was quiet and we all got some much needed rest.

Sadly it's time for these three great characters to visit their next new friends. Someone else is looking forward to sharing adventures with them. They will be going to the top end of Australia, to Darwin and from there they go across the sea to beautiful New Zealand. Though before they go, we will finish the adventures of Hoppy the Kangaroo, over the next day or so.

Hooroo from Ratty, Toad and Mole and Liz...


  1. Do you know, I was thinking that they had been a bit too well behaved! You'll be glad not to have that Toad to chase! Thank you so much for having them, Liz! It has been fabulous to get more glimpses of your sunny Land!

  2. The bird is lovely!
    Those naughty boys! They looked quite at home in that tree, though!
    I hope you are enjoying the book! I can't wait to see the passport, Liz!
    love love love and THANK YOU