Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Train trip continued...

G'day. Ratty, Toad and Mole are still chatting about the steam train trip we went on last Sunday. The boys had a great time, as did hubby and I. They had their own seat in the carriage as the picture shows, though because of the sun streaming in, the boys are a bit hard to see. 

I had to keep a firm hold of them because of the huge crowd that had gathered to welcome the return of the locomotive.Toad wanted to rush around and talk to people, but when I explained to him that he ran the risk of being trampled, he settled down and behaved himself. We decided to go up the steps and cross the overpass (as did scores of others, I might add) and look down on some of the proceedings from there. 

By this time we were all getting hungry, so hubby suggested we walk to the 
park and have our lunch, we all cheered and said this was a great idea.

Ham and salad wraps were to be our fare and the boys jumped up and down and tucked in as soon as I could get the wrapping opened. They eagerly devoured everything and then settled back and were content to watch some of the people strolling around this beautiful park area.

I left hubby in charge of our friends while I went in search of the toilet and he promised to not take his eyes off them. They also promised to be good boys and sit quietly in the sunshine and let hubby enjoy his meal.Of course, they are scallywags and the temptation was too much for them, wasn't it? and hubby, bless his heart, must have blinked or looked the wrong way at the wrong time, because they scampered off.

To be continued.........

Hooroo from our little runaways, Ratty, Toad and Mole and of course. Liz... (Though I didn't runaway)...


  1. LOVING these posts, Liz- thank you for such adventures!

  2. You are so FUN! The boys are receiving such deluxe treatment! When they get back to me, they'll be quite bored, Liz! Thank you!

  3. They are so well travelled - having used so much public transport throughout the world I am wondering if they might write a guide book. I see you are keeping them well fed. Betty

  4. I'm glad Mags sent me over here so I could get a glimpse of the fellows enjoying some lunch that looks like just the sort of comfort food they like.
    It's a riot to see what goes on when grown-up girls play with dolls. I love it.
    Your husband is very accommodating!

  5. Oh what adventures they are having! Mind you they sound as if they are being rather naughty at the moment - bet it was Toad who led them astray.