Monday, January 6, 2014

Hot Cross Buns already !!!!!!

G'day.  I was surprised to see that Hot Cross Buns are already in supermarkets. At least they are where I live. We have 4 supermarkets here and they all have them on prominent display. I actually had to look twice when I spotted them in Safeway the other day. It's still more than 3 months to Easter. What's going on? Why so early? I know this has been happening for many years, but it just seems to get earlier with each passing year. It's scary !! As soon as the New Year rolls around so do the Hot Cross Bunnies. As a matter of principle I won't buy them, but hubby probably will as he has a great fondness for them. I will also try to be strong and not eat any. I promise I will do my best on that score, but I do so like them as well.

My New Years resolution is the same as it is every year. Lose weight. I think I spoke about my weight loss when I was going to Weight Watchers. I lost a decent 25 kilos. But, with all the cancer treatment, not to mention all the yummy food my son and I ate while in Paris last January, I have put a fair amount back on. Not all of it, mind you, but enough. So I am back on track once again. Sadly the Weight Watchers meeting here in town closed down, due to lack of numbers. There were only about 15 attending ( on a good night ) and WW didn't think that was a viable number to keep the meeting open! I was rather peeved as WW forget that these 15 or so people were all losing weight and all doing really good and they relied on those support meeting to help in the weight loss battle. I have seen 4 of the former members and they have all put weight back on.  But I have lost weight on my own before and will do so again.

The small wooden plaque in the photo was given to me by a workmate for Christmas. It's a great saying, isn't it? 

I have an oncology appointment in Melbourne this afternoon, so will be catching the train in. It' s cool here at the moment. Funny weather we are having. Suppose to be summer, but it suits me just fine. I am not a summer girl by any stretch of the imagination. Give me the winter anytime, though I am not sure if I would feel the same if I was in America or Canada at the moment where they are having severe weather conditions. I wish everyone well over there.

Take care.


  1. Hi Liz! Really? Cool weather in your land? You're right. It's freezing here. I'm all bundled up and I have wool socks on my toes and they are still cold. I'm sure there are a lot of lovely fruits for you to dine upon. Yay!

  2. Oh I am with you Liz. I refuse to buy them I until Easter. Lovely plaque and saying...such a nice gift x

  3. We have Easter eggs in the shops here in England! I'm ignoring them.

  4. Hi Liz! It is so cold here-- I wish it were summer. I'm always trying to lose weight; I have such a sweet tooth and I never resist an offer for dessert! If I weren't always dieting I'd be as big as house. Oh well, it's better to have the problem of too much food than too little. I found the plaque very inspiring, thanks for sharing:)

  5. No Easter Eggs but the supermarkets certainly have plenty of Hot Cross Buns on the shelves Lizzie
    How are you coping with the heat?
    Take care