Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Willows have arrived.

G'day. Those lovable rascals from the Wind in the Willows have finally arrived here in Australia. Ratty, Mole and Toad were exhausted after their long flight from France and even though they had slept rather well on the flight, they still needed to recover from the jet lag.I decided they would surely like to spend the day in the garden with me. The sun was shining and the day promised to be glorious. After a quick tour around and a brief description of some of the things that we were still planning to do, to make our garden look lovely, I realised that my new friends were rather quiet. I think the sun may have been a bit too warm for them, so I left them on a seat and they could still watch what I was doing.

When I checked some time later, they were nowhere to be seen. I just happened to walk past my old wicker baskets and there they were, sound asleep and I am sure it was Ratty that I could hear snoring!!

After letting them get some well earned rest, it was time to come inside.Toad jumped up on my small cupboard to see the little ceramic dog in the basket. Mole and Ratty also seemed very intrigued about this animal. "Why is he just laying there"? asked Ratty. "We want to play with him" said Toad. I explained that the little dog was not real, he was one that I made a lot of years ago when I was still doing ceramics. I did tell them about our real dog, Lucky and that they would get to meet him when he and my hubby came home from work. They were very excited at this news and were talking among themselves about this new playmate they would meet soon.

But, it wasn't long and the three weary travelers were fast asleep again. I quietly tiptoed out of the room and let them sleep. 

We will have more adventures tomorrow.

Take care. Liz. Ratty, Toad and Mole...


  1. I remember a similar adventure many years ago with a garden gnome...

  2. They were definitely 3 favs in our cute.

  3. Liz! Oh wow! I CANNOT believe that they are safe and sound on the other side of the world. I cannot take this in!! What season is it even with you? It's a cold Autumn here; this and many other reasons mean that I am so delighted that they are there. With you. (Nearly) ready to explore!! Lots of adventures, please!! I must get you the next address- email me when you're ready for them to move on xxx

  4. How fun they have arrived - well prepared as they had a bit of toughening up at my place earlier in the year, what with the woodland assault course and then being released down the river in a box to continue the journey - I thought the little dog was real - he's lovely... Looking forward to reading their adventures. Betty

  5. Hooray! Thank you for hosting our little rascals! Do you LOVE the book? Is it looking fantastic? I hope the passport is intriguing as well!
    Yes, Mags has The Provincial Homemaker's new address (I do, too!) and after that, they'll go to NZ to see Angel in the Garden and then back to me! They are faring so well!
    Thank you very, very, very much for your joy and enthusiasm!

  6. so glad they have arrived safely. very impressed with your ceramic canine.
    looking forward to the Antipodean Adventures!!

    blessings x

  7. Well done you! So pleased to see that the three have finally made it to "our" side of the globe! Hooray! I imagine they may feel a little upside down for just a day or two & then they'll wanting to do a lot more than just watch you garden...I expect : ) x0x