Monday, September 3, 2012

Won't be long now.

G'day. It's just a little over four months until my son and I go back to Paris. I have just heard from the travel agent, in whose capable hands I trust for everything to go smoothly. She has never let me down.

She contacted me with the good news to say that the hotel we booked some months ago, will now serve us breakfast each day at no extra cost and because we have a very late evening flight when we leave Paris,  they will let us have the room also at no charge. This will be handy in case we want to have a rest or a shower before our super long flight home. This hotel is costing us quite a lot of money each, mainly because of it's location to the Eiffel Tower and the time of the year, which probably still comes under the New Year period, that's their story anyway and breakfast was not originally included in the price, but we could have it if we wanted to part with something like 20 Euro each and that in Australian dollars is close enough to $38.00 a day. Way too much for us. So at last some good news.

Anyway, enough of Paris. I have been having great trouble with my blog, only for the simple fact that Blogger said I have a problem with something malicious trying to worm it's way in. Though, when I contacted them, my site was coming up clean all the time. Through much angst in trying to sort this problem out, I was advised to remove all blogs that I follow and in doing that, silly, silly me, removed all followers as well. Oh dear, what can I say? Hubby would say that I was having a blond moment. It appears that by removing the sites I follow,the problem has gone, at least I hope so.One of those sites (I couldn't isolate it) had been hacked. If anyone has trouble with my site, can you please let me know, as another blog friend (Michelle) did last week.

Beautiful weather in my part of the world today, gorgeous blue sky, only a few white fluffy clouds. All is well and everything is pointing to happiness.I am going to brag now and tell you that at the Weight Watchers meeting last Tuesday night, I had lost another 1.5 kg. All up, it's 18.1kilo off now and I am hoping for a good result tonight. My goal was to get 25kg off before our trip, if that happens, well and good, if not, then so be it. I am proud of myself. I can even get my favourite jeans down now, without undoing them if I so wanted!!! Take care. Liz...


  1. So green about your trip to Paris this year. I'm going to be zotting off to Latvia next (European) summer and hope to stop off in Paris (or perhaps beautiful Provence) on the way back. Good for you with your weight loss. My daughter joined WW a month or so ago and so far is up and down with her weight..but she's not giving up so that's the main thing isn't it? Why are you going to Paris in winter? I hate the cold so travelling at that time of year is always a mystery to me. Smiles - A.

  2. So nice to have you back and all squeaky clean Liz. I just bet you are getting excited about your trip. How wonderful for you. I will look forward to reading all about your Parisienne adventures. Hugs Michelle x

  3. Soon you'll have another picture with the new you and son at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower! I severely need to lose weight but reckon I'm not giving up my French red wine for anybody!

  4. Your trip to Paris sounds fabulous. So good to be in a city centre hotel. Your blog certainly looks clean with everything removed. Touch wood I don't have any problems. I haven't had any yet but it is probably just a matter of time. You have certainly done a great job on your weight loss journey . Well done.

  5. La Tour Eiffel, of dream dream You know I too have been having trouble with some links to blogs i follow- I may try cleaning it all up as you say. Maybe I should write a list of all of you who make my days bright, in case of disaster!