Thursday, June 16, 2011

Girl talk. How well do our husbands/partners know us?

G'day. Firstly, to Broad, you are welcome to visit me unannounced anytime your heart desires. If you ever get to Australia, I expect to to see you lobbed on my front door step with bags in hand ...... I look forward to it.

During my lunch hour at work the other day, I was listening to some of my female colleagues talking about their hubby's. One was complaining that after 18 years of marriage, her husband didn't really know what her likes or dislikes are, what is her favourite color, what color her eyes really are, what is her pet hate, the list goes on and on. I don't know what started this conversation as when I walked in, they were already in full swing. One of the other women at the table agreed  that there would be much her hubby wouldn't know either. This went on for some time and as I was sitting quietly eating lunch and having a chuckle to myself I heard "Liz, you're being quiet, would Ian know that much about you if you really put him to the test? I replied in all honestly that I thought he would know a few things about me and that I would ask him that night, in a nice way of course. So,while we were having our evening meal, I explained what had taken place at work and would he be happy to be interrogated on his knowledge of me, being a good sport and knowing that there were no strings attached he said ok. 

Whats my pet hate ? Water on the kitchen/bathroom floor.  Tick
What color are my eyes, without looking?    Green.      Tick
What is my main hobby?    Sewing, gardening.      Tick
What is my favourite color?   Blue.     Wrong.    It's pink, but who cares.
What books do I like to read?   Romance.      Wrong.     It's  Crime, Mystery. Again no big deal.

Favourite movie ?     Had no idea.  (It's Moulin Rouge)
Favourite food ?      Meat .  Tick.
What else would you know about me?  You love all animals and have a temper at times.   Tick.

Favourite song? San Fransisco by Scott  McKenzie.  Tick
Favourite band. Rolling stones.    Tick.
Given a choice of movie between scary or comedy what would it be?   Scary.  Tick.
Do I wear lipstick?   Yes.   Wrong. ( Very rarely wear lipstick)
Natural hair color?    Can't remember, but think it was brown once.  Tick !!!!!!

Anyway, there were a few others that he got wrong, but overall, he did pretty good. I was then given the same test. Did I know him as well as I thought I did. Oviously not. Would you believe it, I got his eye color wrong. I said grey, they are hazel. I got his favourite movie, which is Duel. I did get his favourite car, which is a Ford Capri etc, etc,. In the end, hubby won hands down. I failed miserably, how embarrassing. Wait till I tell the girls at work this, but then again, maybe I will keep my mouth shut. The picture is of Hercules, one of our beautiful bully boys. Of course, being the shy boy that he is, he turned his head just as I was ready to snap the pic and wouldn't for the life of him turn again to look at me, no matter what I did to get his attention, actually, he turned his rear end to me to prove a  point and stood that way until I got tired of waiting. I will miss these huge gorgeous animals. Take care. Liz...


  1. Ah it's a slippery slope your on my friend. Sometimes it's what we don't know that our spouses don't know that keeps us knowing what we think we know..... Yeah.... Think about it.... I think I fell asleep when I wrote that What did I just write.... I dunno. I think what I was trying to say is it's the questions we don't ask are the one's with the most painful responses.... I think that made sense..... Great Post by the way.

  2. Ha I enjoyed this fun challenge and I liked your attitude of keeping it light and positive. Sounds like you have a happy home.

    I enjoyed reading this as your newest follower.

  3. Now I'm obviously new to your corner of the planet- does the impending move necessitate the leaving of this creature? I laughed heartily at this post, as just the other night I asked my husband what was his favourite thing that we had done together. (I'll spare you the first answer. Hitherto I've found blogs refreshingly wholesome...) What amazed me was that he proceeded to list things from ages ago, from a former life, well, from a pre-suns life! And I really liked that- that his halcyon days of us involved driving round Ireland with only a small tent and goretex coats! Made me feel nostalgic and all warm inside!! Never mind on the low score- bet you know how he likes his coffee, and where he'd like to go for pancakes, and what music he listens to in the car- all the really important stuff!